Pachter: “Limited” Kinect not for the “hardcore”

By Joe Anderson, Tuesday, 22 June 2010 10:40 GMT


Financial guru Michael Pachter has said in the latest episode of his Gametrailers show Pach Attack, that Microsoft’s Kinect is a limited device, although he also thinks that it could sell like crazy if the price is right.

“It’s a limited device, because you’re really not, as Kevin Butler said, gonna to be going ‘pew pew,’ shooting people with your finger.

“But if you want to play a dance game and have your whole body picked up, or you want to do a fitness game and have the monitor tell you to lift your knee higher you ‘fat B’, this is the device that you want to own.

“The hardcore probably aren’t going to be as impressed. Their mums are, their girlfriends are, their wives are, their kids are: that is who wants this thing.”

Price, Pachter said, would be key to the speed of Kinect’s success.

“If Microsoft prices it right I think it blows out, I think it’ll sell like crazy. If they price it too high, I think it’ll take a while to get off the ground.”

Kinect’s price has been the subject of intense speculation since Microsoft showed the device at E3 last week, with the company itself showing a $150 point on its store this morning.

Rumour yesterday said the motion sensor has a cost price of around $150, and we were told last week that a premium version of the hardware would ship for $189.

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