Driver: San Francisco revealed for holiday 2010

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 15 June 2010 02:00 GMT

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Ubisoft’s just revealed the long-awaited reboot of the Driver series that was teased last Monday, known as Driver: San Francisco.

The game takes place months after the end of Driver 3, where main character Tanner survives what happened to him in that game. But so does arch-nemesis Jericho, who also survives what happened to him in the 2004 title.

The big new talking point for the series, which returns to its old roots of being a driving-only title, is a brand new feature called Shift. At some point in the game, Tanner has a “huge crash” according to creative director of the game Martin Edmondson, speaking to VG247 at a formal reveal of the game in Newcastle a couple of weeks back.

Because of this accident, Tanner goes into a coma, but doesn’t realise that, and because of it, “he thinks he’s gained kind of a super ability,” according to Edmondson.

Basically, Shift lets you go into other cars without actually getting out of the car. Speaking of which, there will be liceneced cars in the series for the first time.

Outside of Shift, the game also sees the inclusion of multiplayer for the first time, which is completely Shift-based.

To read more on Driver: San Francisco, get our preview of the game here, while you can catch our full chat with Martin Edmondson here.

It’ll release this holiday season for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. A seperate Wii title will also be released.

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