Ask Crackdown 2 questions, win an actual, real-life car!

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:41 GMT


Welcome to the big leagues, baby. Other sites throw out games and mugs as competition prizes, having probably spat on them first. You’re high rollin’ now, dog: enter this and you could win a fucking car.

Warning: The car you’re playing for is the Ruffivan, as seen below. It’s broken, illegal to drive and has virtually no monetary value. But, technically, it’s still a car. As in, it has wheels and an engine.


Entering is both easy and fun. Ask Ruffian a question about Crackdown 2 in the comments below. We started this yesterday, and all the questions put on the earlier article are included, obviously. We’ll pick ten at the end of this week and send them to Microsoft. Ruffian will answer them. We pick the top three answers. If you asked one of them, you win a prize.

First place wins the Ruffivan. Second and third place win t-shirts.

Please read the following very carefully:

  1. The Ruffivan is a very fucked Ford van parked outside Ruffian‘s office in Dundee, Scotland. It has no MOT. This means you can’t just turn up and drive it away, as it’s not legally roadworthy. If you were serious about taking this car, you would need to have some way of transporting it to either a garage to be repaired or a place where it could be off any type of public land. Doing this will involve some kind of breakdown vehicle. Like a truck. See point four below.
  2. Apparently, the “chassis and rear suspension needs a good bit of welding to get an MOT.” This will not be cheap. To be clear: “winning” and claiming this prize will probably cost you a great deal money.
  3. “Dundee” is ancient Scottish for “The End of the World”. Ruffian doesn’t need electricity in its office, as its entire studio runs on the awesome power of the Northern Lights. Dundee is here. That’s where the van is. If you want it, you’ll have to collect it. When we went to Dundee to see Crackdown 2, we had to fly from London to Edinburgh than get a taxi from Edinburgh to Dundee. It took months. Just saying.
  4. If you win the van but decide that picking it up, fixing it and driving it back down to Sensible Land is a little stupid, leaving it where it is may be the best option. We wouldn’t blame you for reaching this conclusion. In this instance, we’ll ask Ruffian to send you a wing mirror, or something. There are some fluffy dice in it; you could have those instead. You could also try giving it away to another VG247 reader who has more time and money than sense. Or whatever.

OK? Get to it. Crackdown 2 releases for 360 on July 9.

This contest is not a Microsoft Game Studios promo.

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