Q-games head feels the “games investment system needs investment.”

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 15 January 2010 23:07 GMT


Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert has stated that the current games funding model is “fundamentally broken” as its only point is to make publishers “stinking rich.”

Speaking in an interview with Develop, Cuthbert called out industry heads by stating that “the games investment system needs investment.”

“The model of games funding at the moment is fundamentally broken and biased towards making publishers stinking rich,” he said. “Just look at the bonuses and wages of execs at EA for example, I could make the entire PixelJunk series, including series 2, two or three times over on the EA boss’s income bonus.

“I see a lot of devs in a lot of pain primarily because of publisher-related problems.”

All is not thorns for Cuthbert though, as he admits that he loves the industry he’s in, along with “the thrill of making stuff and seeing people enjoy playing it”.

“I don’t think there is any industry quite as creative as the games industry because we have to deal with interaction from the player. A movie, for example, is static and at the end of the day is just the static unchanging expression of the creator.

“But people actually participate in games adds a whole creative and adaptive dimension to explore”.

Currently, Q-Games’ PixelJunk Shooter is available on PSN, and recently, Australia’s OFLC outed a new Nintendo title called 3D Space Tank.

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