3D Realms: Prey 2 will “leapfrog” Portal

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 18 March 2008 06:43 GMT


3D Realms boss Scott Miller has claimed that Prey 2, the game that “pioneered” the idea of spacial portals that led Valve to the head of myriad game of the year lists last year, will “leapfrog” Portal when it’s finally released.

“While Prey pioneered the portal concept, Valve’s Portal took it to an all-new level,” he said. “It really shows what you can do when you focus on a single core cool gameplay concept. So, while Portal impressed the heck out of us, it has also inspired us to return the favor to Valve and hopefully leapfrog them as they did us. We believe we have new ideas for portals that will keep the portal race interesting.”

Prey 2 was seemingly accidentally announced over the weekend, with the site that showed concept art for the game – the homepage for Miller’s new venture, “IP Incubator” Radar Group – being taken down in short order. Miller did expand on the game in the interview, however.

“In the original Prey, the lead character, Tommy, was too reluctant, and didn’t realize his hero status until late in the game,” he said. “So, in the new game we’re making him a hardened, take-charge character who’s learned fast from his previous experience, and ready to accept his status as a galactic savior. We’re definitely beefing up the combat—expect more enemies onscreen simultaneously versus 3-4 in the original—as well as the spirit powers. And while the original was too much of a corridor shooter, Prey 2 will have much more variety and wide-open areas: think CoD4 to get a good idea of what we’re shooting for in terms of open-world look and feel.”

Scott’s always good for a read. Take a look.

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