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  • Mirror’s Edge 2 is “on the list,” says EA labels boss

    As if the firm hasn’t said this enough already, a sequel to Mirror’s Edge is “on the list” of things to do at EA, according to labels president Frank Gibeau. The reason it’s taking so long to get to market, let alone me announced, has to do more with “how and when” the series will […]

  • Pratchett would “love the chance” to write Mirror’s Edge 2 “under the right circumstances”

    Rhianna Pratchett has said should Mirror’s Edge 2 ever come to pass, it’s unlikely she’ll write the narrative for the game.

  • Origin offering Mass Effect, Dead Space for £3, Bulletstorm for £7.50

    EA’s sounded the bargin siren, pricing the original Mass Effect and Dead Space for £3 on Origin, while its sequels are £10 and £7 respectively. Dragon Age 2 and Mirror’s Edge are also in on the deal at a fiver a pop, while Spore’s available for £6 and Bulletstorm at £7.50. The deal’s available for […]

  • Lockdown, Mirror’s Edge top Friday’s iPad charts

    Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is the top download title on iPad’s sales chart in less than a week on the market.

  • Mirror’s Edge goes free on iOS today only

    For today only, EA’s allowing Mirror’s Edge for iOS to go free. Go pick the side-scrolling effort up on iPhone or iPod Touch here or iPad here. And then play it. And dream about Mirror’s Edge 2, realising that no matter how much we want it, it probably will be a pipedream. Get to it. […]

  • DICE: The Mirror’s Edge “dream is definitely still there”

    Faith no more? Don’t bank on it. Repeated suggestions that Mirror’s Edge will return have been compounded today by DICE creative boss Lars Gustavsson refusing to count out more from the first-person fan-favourite.

  • More rumors of Mirror’s Edge 2 using Frostbite 2 pop up

    A rumor out of this month’s OPM has Frostbite 2 powering Mirror’s Edge 2, with the mag stating: “the Frostbite 2 engine will pave the way for Mirror’s Edge to make a free-running return.” EA has kept mum on it’s plans for a sequel to the first outing, but has said a time and time […]

  • Soderlund hints at new Mirror’s Edge-related project

    EA Games Europe VP Patrick Soderlund has reiterated that the company has not given up on Mirror’s Edge, but also hinted its also back at work on something related to the IP.

  • Gibeau hints at Mirror’s Edge, Frostbite 2 combo

    EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has said, once again, that Mirror’s Edge hasn’t been killed off, but also teased a possible combo with its sequel and Frostbite 2.

  • EA “did not kill” Mirror’s Edge, says Gibeau

    Just in case you weren’t sure before that EA didn’t properly can Mirror’s Edge instead of putting it on hold, EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has said the company didn’t “kill” the franchise.

  • EA calls Mirror’s Edge “an important franchise,” refuses to clarify Mirror’s Edge 2 dev status

    Is Mirror’s Edge 2 six feet under? Or does it still parkour amongst the living? Unfortunately, EA’s keeping us in the dark for now. However, some recent words from the publisher at least offer some comfort.

  • Report – Mirror’s Edge 2 on hold, EA won’t comment

    According to a machine-translated report, EA has placed Mirror’s Edge 2 on hold.

  • Mirror’s Edge “fell short”, says EA Games boss

    EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has told Develop that expectations for Mirror’s Edge “fell short” within the company.

  • Lewie’s Weekly Deals – Mirror’s Edge PC for £5, BioShock 2 for £6.30

    Happy Monday. Here’s another compilation of fantastic deals on cheap games. This week it’s mostly excellent discounts on stuff you might have missed first time round, and one item I’m sure is going to be in demand this Christmas. For updates on what games are being discounted at all times, make sure to check […]

  • Report – EA wins courtcase over “Edge” trademark

    IG is reporting EA has won its courtcase against Edge Games over the trademark of the latter’s namesake. For real this time.

  • Video – Check out Mirror’s Edge on iPad

    iPad was released to great furor last week, and those of you wondering how games like  Mirror’s Edge look on the new contraption, should check out the video of it in action below the break, courtesy of TouchArcade. EA was suppose to release the game for iPhone and iPod Touch back in January, but apparently […]

  • Mirror’s Edge in development for seven years, says ex-DICE chief

    Ex-DICE boss Fredrik Liliegren has said the studio’s most recent new IP, Mirror’s Edge, was in development for seven years.

  • EA: Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space failed due to lack of support

    EA’s COO, John Schappert, gave a speech at DICE this week chatting about 20 years of technology transitions in the gaming industry. During it, he admitted that both Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge weren’t given enough of a marketing push.

  • DICE refuses to comment on Mirror’s Edge 2

    DICE has refused to comment on the ongoing development of Mirror’s Edge 2.

  • Riccitiello says Mirror’s Edge “deserves a sequel”

    EA’s John Riccitiello has said that Mirror’s Edge deserves a sequel, but that the developers are still working what to do with the design. “We’re still working through things like how to best deal with Mirror’s Edge 2,” he told Kotaku. “There are some things we learned about that [first] game. It was, I think, […]

  • Mirror’s Edge coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

    Most gamers knew that Mirror’s Edge was coming to iPhone and iPod Touch, but for those that didn’t – consider this a public service announcement. The game is to be made available for your roof hopping pleasure on-the-go come January. Here’s the blurb on it: The World- A place where information is heavily monitored and […]

  • Buy Mirror’s Edge from £6 at Amazon

    No, really. Mirror’s Edge is dirt cheap at Amazon. You can buy ME from £6.17 for the 360 version, with the PS3 and PC versions at £7.42 and £7.99 each respectively. Truth be told, if you dont buy the game for either one of them platforms, you’re making a big mistake. Take your pick.

  • Rumor: Artwork for Wii prototype of Mirror’s Edge surfaces

    Rumor going around says that EA asked Backbone Entertainment to do a Wii prototype of Mirror’s Edge, and some artwork has surfaced depicting it. Supposedly, a DS version was also in the works but no word on whether it was canned or still in the works has surfaced. Still, you can have a look over […]

  • EA: “No immediate plans for future DLC for Mirror’s Edge”

    EA apparently has no plans for more DLC for Mirror’s Edge. According to its senior PR manager, it just ain’t gonna happen folks – at least “immediately”. “There are no immediate plans for future DLC for Mirror’s Edge,” Kelly Ekins told That Videogame Blog. More through the link.

  • Mirror’s Edge time trial DLC for free on PS3

    TheSixthAxis has noticed that the time trial DLC levels for Mirror’s Edge has now actually gone down in price on the UK PlayStation Store, from £7 to £0. Translation: it’s now free. We just checked and it is indeed true. However, for any 360 owners hoping for the same, its not. The content’s still at […]

  • EA confirms small team working on Mirror’s Edge 2

    EA’s Patrick Soderlund said during E3 that a small team over at DICE is currently working on Mirror’s Edge 2, and he is “excited” by the firms plans for the sequel. “Mirror’s Edge was a risky move. It was a bold move, a very innovative and inspiring move,” the VP told VideoGamer. “The game wasn’t […]

  • Mirror’s Edge gets Swedish Game of the Year honors

    For the past eight years, the annual Dataspelsgalan awards ceremony has been held in Sweden, honoring the Swedish Game of the Year for Swedish developers. Especially Swedish ones. This year’s winner was DICE’s Mirror’s Edge as the “graphics on level three were really tight”. Previous Swedish GOTY winners: 2000 Fem myror är fler än fyra […]

  • EA: Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge will eventually be considered successful

    EA may have considered Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge financial underachievers over the holidays, but senior VP Patrick Söderlund feels that over the course the games’ lifetime, each will be considered a success. “I think if you analyze games like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge for their lifetime performance, I bet you’ll find them to be […]

  • EA dev boss: Make quality games, keep your job

    EA Redwood’s Glen Schofield has told GI that he’s told EA employees that those involved with the creation of quality games at the company will survive the current round of job losses. “People who aren’t making great games are going to lose their jobs,” said Schofield. “But if you’re making quality and we continue to […]

  • Mirror’s Edge Time Trial Map now available for download

    DICE has released a downloadable Time Trial Map for Mirror’s Edge on PC, PS3 and 360. You’ll be going for the fastest times possible on nine different courses across seven redesigned maps. It’s all set in an environment with zero city, cops or guns: just pure aesthetics. The pack is available for 800 MS Points […]