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Next-gen tech will take Mirror's Edge reboot to the next level, says Gibeau

Mirror's Edge is getting a reboot over at DICE, and EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has shed light on why the time is right to bring Faith and her rooftop-running pals back into the spotlight.


Speaking with IGN, Gibeau said, "I think the time is right now because we’ve got a creative idea. We have a great story planned. With all the gen 4 technology, we can re-create that magic of running across rooftops and experiencing a city from a different point of view through the character of Faith.

"Performance, animation, all those technologies that are now in gen 4, that extra computing power is going to be able to take Mirror’s Edge to the next level. We’ve always been thinking about it, but a bunch of things came together – the right story, the right leadership team, and the right capabilities from this new hardware – that got us to commit and go for it."

Meanwhile, EA's Patrick Soderlund has revealed that the original Mirror's Edge sold 2.5 million copies, and that a sequel wasn't possible on current-gen tech.

Despite the game's sales figures, Gibeau is confident that DICE's reboot can help grow the Mirror's Edge fan base.

He continued, "Our goal in any product is to try and grow the audience. We’re definitely taking into account the opportunity to reach a bigger group of people. We think we’ve got the right story and accessibility that can do that. It’s a title that did multiple millions of units, so it has a fairly widespread audience. It’s not an art film. But we do see an opportunity to grow it."

Are you excited for the Mirror's Edge reboot? Let us know below.

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