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  • ESA Q3 political spend tops $1.1 million

    US-based industry trade body the Entertainment Software Association spent $1.1 million lobbying during the last quarter, according to Yahoo Finance; that’s right on par with its usual spend. Issues the association tackled this past quarter include piracy, copyright, foreign trade policy reform and visas for the temporary hire of skilled foreign workers. The ESA is […]

  • ESA seeking $1.1m payout from California after Supreme Court ruling

    After losing its bid to impose a law that would make the sale of mature-rated games to minors illegal, the state of California has been asked to reimburse the Electronic Software Association for the industry body’s role in the lobbying.

  • ESA dropped $1.1 million on political campaigns in Q1

    The Entertainment Software Association spent $1.1 million lobbying on the games industry’s behalf during the first quarter of 2011, financial reports have revealed.

  • Era ending? E3 2013 may bid farewell to the LACC

    Despite enjoying enormous success in the Los Angeles Convenetion Centre, the ESA is considering alternate venues for E3 2013 and beyond.

  • E3 2012 dated, staying in Los Angeles

    The ESA has announced dates for next year’s E3, which will once again take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

  • ESA: 45,000 attendees, 200 companies expected to be at E3

    ESA boss Michael Gallagher has said that 45,000 people are expected to attend E3 this week, with 200 companies set to exhibit at the show.

  • Into the Pixel 2011 winners announced

    The winners of 2011′s Into the Pixel have been announced and 17 works of videogame art have been selected.

  • Child’s Play charity running pre-E3 golf tournament

    Come one, come all. The Penny Arcade-founded children’s charity and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) have set up the first annual Child’s Play Invitational Golf Tournament, to be held on Sunday June 5 in Pasadena.

  • Large format E3 brings in three times the revenue of reduced show

    E3 2009′s return to the beloved large-scale trade show format resulted in a tripling of revenue for event organisers, the Entertainment Software Association.

  • Into the Pixel accepting submissions for 2011 exhibit

    Into The Pixel is now accepting digital game art submissions until April 15 for the 2011 exhibit to be held at E3 in June.

  • ESA: 54% of illegal file swapping comes from Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain

    The ESA has named Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain as the five countries with “extraordinarily high” levels of online game piracy.

  • E3 organiser puts site traffic “cap” of 8,000 UU per month on badge eligibility

    According to an email sent by ESA to an anonymous source, journalists attending this year’s E3 will need to work for a site with a specific level of traffic to get in.

  • Massachusetts looking into tax incentives for game industry, but it has opponents

    The Boston Herald is reporting that the state of Massachusetts is considering tax incentives for the state’s game industry, in order to help the sector grow from a $2 billion to $20 billion industry within the next five years.

  • NPD December 2010 – Xbox 360 sees YoY increase with 1.86 million units, Black Ops is software winner

    NPD figures for the month of December 2010, released last night, showed that Xbox 360 enjoyed year-on-year increase for the month – the only console to do so – with 1.9 million sales in the US. Call of Duty: Black Ops topped the December charts, and was also named the biggest-selling American game of 2010.

  • ESA enacts pre-emptive strike on anti-games research

    The ESA has spoken out against a soon-to-be-published study linking video games with mental health problems in children, citing flawed methodology and invalid background assumptions.

  • Feature: Sony in the Hotz seat

    When hacker George (Geohot) Hotz was served with a temporary restraining order early in the evening of January 11, he had to have a good idea what was coming. So too must the other defendants on the stark legal papers prepared by Sony Computer Entertainment’s legal team – Hector Cantero, Sven Peter and 100 yet-to-be-named […]

  • ESA clamps down on E3 ticket scalping, stops pre-mailing

    Everybody wants to go to E3, but this year it’s going to be harder to slip in unnoticed: the ESA has introduced a new ticketing system in order to combat counterfeit, scalped, and misplaced badge passes, and will no long pre-mail badges to journalists.

  • E3 2011 registration opens, exhibitors confirmed

    We just shit ourselves. And it’s only the second week of the year. ESA’s opened up registration now for E3 2011, just over five months before it begins.

  • Report – US economy recipient of $5B in 2009 from game industry

    A study conducted on behalf of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), has found the US economy was the lucky recipient of $5 billion in 2009 thanks to the gaming industry.

  • ESA: Industry needs its own weekly top ten sales chart

    Michael Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association, has said that the games industry needs its own form of top ten sales chart just like film and music.

  • E3 registration now open, Take Two exhibitor again

    The ESA’s now officially opened up registration for this year’s E3.

  • FTC praises US games regulatory board for responsible marketing practices

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revealed to the US Congress that the games industry does a better job with responsible marketing than any other form of entertainment advertisement. Different aspects cited were the large noticeable ratings on packaging, M-rated game ads not being shown before 10pm, and most notable is the fact that 80 […]

  • Lowenstein receives AIAS lifetime achievement award

    ESA founder Douglas Lowenstein has been named as the third recipient of the The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ (AIAS) Lifetime Achievement Award. ESA was formed in 1994. “It was under Doug’s leadership that the industry fought off dangerous efforts to impose restrictions on video game content, in the process establishing unequivocally that video […]

  • FCC researching possible universal ratings, would include games

    The Federal Communications Commission has started researching a possible universal rating system to include games, mobile content and television in response to the US Congress investigating current laws are doing enough to protect children from harmful content. Enter the ESA which says that the FCC has no jurisdiction in games. According to Rich Taylor, senior […]

  • ESA suing Chicago Transit Authority over avert bans

    The Entertainment Software Association has filed a lawsuit with the Chicago Transit Authority for its ban on advertisements featuring Mature or AO-rated titles. CEO Mike Gallagher has stated that under the First Amendment, video games are protected the same as other entertainment mediums. What this mean though is that with CTA Ordinance 008-147, R-rated and […]

  • ESA research shows 68% of Americans play games

    The ESA handed out its annual handbook of Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry at E3 this year. It’s a nice little book that details the demographics, facts, figures, and what customers purchased in 2008. Here are just some of the numbers. Parenting and content data is posted after the break courtesy […]

  • ESRB looking to rate App Store games

    App Store games are not currently rated, but the ESRB is hoping that will change. “We’ve been down this road before,” said CEO Michael Gallagher. “We know how this goes and it’s wise for [Apple] to make steps in that direction so that this is addressed up front and there is an environment that is […]

  • 68 per cent of US homes play videogames

    According to the ESA’s Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry 2009 report, 68 per cent of American households play videogames. In addition, the study reveals that 42 percent of said houses have a game console whilst the average age of game players is 35 years old. The study also showed that 43 […]

  • ESA: “Our best, brightest, and boldest days lie ahead”

    Entertainment Software Association (ESA) president Michael Gallagher has said during his E3 keynote speech that the gaming industry’s “best, brightest, and boldest days lie ahead.” Gallagher recognised the recent decline in sales in the US, but insisted that compared with other media industries, gaming is performing admirably. He went on to say that families offered […]

  • Mike Gallagher: “E3 has never been a consumer show”

    The ESA’s Michael Gallagher has said that E3 has “never been a consumer show” and that to offer public days during the event would be a “pretty significant change”. “E3 has never been a consumer show, so that would be a pretty significant change,” Gallagher told IGN. “Obviously, from this year’s format we look at […]