Watch the first Battlefield: Hardline campaign gameplay footage

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:12 GMT By Dave Owen

The first single player Battlefield: Hardline footage was revealed during EA’s Gamescom press conference. Check it out below.


The campaign follows Nick Mendoza, a young cop from Miami who’s trying to track down someone from his past. Along with his friend Boomer, he gets into a lot of scrapes along the way.

Each mission will be structured like an episode of a TV drama, with reoccurring characters and cliffhanger endings.

Visceral Games is promising a deeper experience than recent Battlefield campaigns, allowing players to play their own way. The gameplay shows a stealthy escape after Mendoza is captured, the player using stealth takedowns and throwing coins to distract enemies.

Quite heavy-handedly, the footage goes a bit Far Cry when the characters approach a large outpost. A scanner gadget can be used to tag enemies and alarms, as well as listen in on their conversations. Players can attack head-on, or use stealth to take a more careful approach.

There’s also a ‘Freeze’ mechanic that allows Mendoza to flash his police badge, disarm, and handcuff enemies before things get violent. You also have a tazer that takes enemies down silently without killing them. You can choose to arrest or kill high value targets, with different rewards based on your actions.