Square issues cease and desist to fans working on Final Fantasy Type-0 translation patch

Friday, 18th July 2014 14:06 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The Final Fantasy Type-0 English and Spanish language patch being created by fans for the PSP and Vita versions has been taken down due to legal threats by Square Enix.


In the works from Operation Doomtrain, the localization patch was set to release on August 8, but according to an update on SkyBladeCloud, Square Enix sent the group a cease and desist letter.

“Unfortunately I’m forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project,” the notice reads. “That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans.

“For the time being I can’t answer questions related to this matter, but I’ll write a more comprehensive post about all this once I get the chance. I hope you understand, and as always I appreciate your support (that I might need more that ever in the near future). Thank you very much.”

As you can see, the entry for the translation patch has been removed.

Square has said in the past that due to market reasons ideas on a western localization were starting over with a “clean slate”, despite reports the localization team had completed 97% of the task.

Instead the firm will release Final Fantasy Type-0 as an HD remaster for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A release date has yet to be announced.

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  1. YoungZer0

    Why are so many publishers just insanely stupid when it comes to how they treat their customers?

    #1 4 months ago
  2. CyberMarco


    At least I got my copy from TPB.

    #2 4 months ago
  3. Legendaryboss

    ““That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans.” Who is thatgamecompany?

    Seriousness: Square Enix are well within their rights to take action via a cease and desist order, Its their property after all. Strange that they do this after all the hard work is done and not before. Now we must wait before this releases in… Oh no date? Thats fine I’ll play it alongside Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts III.

    #3 4 months ago
  4. kimikazio

    why? they are people that want to improve and fix what devs didnt do.

    #4 4 months ago
  5. Dragon

    The guy who translated it had good intentions, but unfortunately he is missing the point that most people use translations along with pirated version of games. That is a fact. I know that happened with VC3 translation too. Some pirates are stupid enough to ask these good translators to provide them a patched game copy and then proceed to insult them if they don’t.

    How many people would have legitimately brought a copy of PSP version of FF Type-0 and Valkyria Chronicles 3 from Japanese PSN store, then patched it and played it? Hardly any. Most just went to torrents and that was it. Square Enix is well within its right to protect its IP, especially in this case as they are indeed releasing it in the west. I already downloaded the stuff on the first day since I was waiting for it. And I bought a 2UMD version of FF Type-0 for it, which, sadly, hardly many people/hypocrites did.

    Pirates who download this stuff from torrents should be ashamed. But since they are pirates who like free stuff, they wont. Ironic how people chide companies when they try to protect their legitimate works and profits, while these hypocrites go to torrents to download stuff just to save themselves a few bucks. What fucking irony.

    Personally, if they released a Vita version also, it would have been the best for me since I paid for PSP version I would have bought the portable English version.

    #5 4 months ago
  6. Takeshi

    I understand the reality. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. A shame to the good folks who worked countless hours on the translation, but I imagine people who wanted to play it already got it.

    I personally bought it from the JPN store only to find out that applying the patch was a nightmare so I just downloaded it already patched.

    #6 4 months ago
  7. Clupula

    Honestly, after seeing how much of a bunch of stupid fucking children the Vita community acted like, all I can say is GOOD ON YOU, SQUEENIX! Let them buy the PS4 or XB1 versions if they want it in English.

    I used to think Nintendo had the worst fans, but the Vita community have shown me that they are a whole new level of ridiculousness. Anything that upsets them makes me happy.

    #7 4 months ago
  8. CyberMarco

    @Dragon Cry me a river, good thing there are white knights like you who protect the bright future of the game industry…

    #8 4 months ago
  9. salarta

    This is typical Squeenix. They did the exact same thing to Chrono series fans for making fan sequels of Chrono Trigger. More importantly, in that case Squeenix was all too happy to let fans keep doing it until the company released their half-assed Chrono Trigger DS port and it supposedly didn’t sell as much as they like. One executive of Squeenix even outright said in interview that if fans want a sequel, they needed to prove it by going out and buying more copies of CTDS.

    Because that’s how Squeenix operates. They don’t care about fans, only money, and it extends to every IP tied to them even if it’s made by a dev team halfway across the country.

    #9 4 months ago
  10. Ge0force

    It’s sad how console publishers keep boycotting community content, only to sqeeze even more money from us. In combination with DLC, season passes and microtransactions, that’s the reason why I haven’t bought a PS4 or X1 yet, but bought a lot of games for pc instead. Community content and mod support is a great way to expand the playtime for games that support it.

    #10 4 months ago
  11. Dragon

    @CyberMarco ,
    Better than being a hypocrite (in a literal sense of the word) who chides others for saving profits while pirating games to save a few pennies themselves.
    If people just remember to “treat others like you want yourself to be treated”, the world be so much better.
    Really though, if you can justify piracy , I am all ears.
    “Anything that upsets them makes me happy.”
    Quite a sad way to live life in my humble opinion. Especially when you display the same behaviour when a JRPG doesn’t come to Sony home consoles.

    #11 4 months ago
  12. Legendaryboss

    @salarta “They don’t care about fans, only money” I wanted to say something about this specifically, but i can’t seem to remember what that was?

    #12 4 months ago
  13. CyberMarco

    @Dragon “to save a few pennies themselves.”

    Uhm… nope! I don’t have any problem buying the game and would gladly do it if SE would respect me as costumer, after all the time the fans have been asking for a proper western PSP (and possibly Vita) release they come up with the PS4/XB1 version instead.

    Why didn’t they release the game for the PSP/Vita? Because they can. Why will I be pirating this copy? Because I can! For them to get my money they have to satisfy my requests and expectations regarding the product.

    “Quite a sad way to live life in my humble opinion. Especially when you display the same behaviour when a JRPG doesn’t come to Sony home consoles.” Are you referring to me?

    #13 4 months ago
  14. Dragon

    @CyberMarco ,
    So, by that logic, if a game doesn’t come to your desired platform, you will pirate it? So pirating 360 and ps3 games are fine since exclusives don’t come to PC? Or pirating PC games is fine because many of them aren’t coming on consoles?
    I would have loved a Vita version, but tough luck it isn’t happening (as of now). So I should have just pirated the game just because I can?
    I am sorry but I am not getting that logic. Can you explain a bit better?

    ” Are you referring to me?”
    Not after the line. I quoted someone else there.

    #14 4 months ago
  15. Clupula

    See the entitled bullshit Vita fans come up with?

    #15 4 months ago
  16. CyberMarco

    @Dragon “by that logic”

    This has nothing to do with multiplatform games, PC etc. It’s for this particular issue. People asked for a western release on the platform that originally launched yet SE managed to fuck things up again and will release it on the “another platform that no one asked for”.

    #16 4 months ago
  17. TheWulf


    Uh, what? No they’re not. Not even remotely.

    If someone creates their own content as a patch to be injected into a game, and that doesn’t directly use any content from the game itself, then they don’t have any basis for a legal attack.

    That would be like saying that if I created a patch for a game that injected my own created code into it to fix a bug, I could be sued by the developer of the game for creating my own solution.

    It’s a slippery slope that we dare not even go down.

    It’s different from games like the fan made Streets of Rage. I didn’t agree with that, either, but SEGA actually did have a legal precedent — their assets were being used in a game they hadn’t licensed for those assets to be used in. But a translation patch is different.

    Basically, what this would say if it was actually deemed illegal:

    1.) We’re not allowed to translate any Japanese material for non-commercial, hobbyist use.

    2.) We’re not allowed to inject our own code into an existing game, even if the code created doesn’t utilise the assets of the game to do so.

    That’s fucking awful.

    So, no. They’ve no right to do this, and anyone in their right mind would fight them. The GAME belongs to them, yes. But:

    1.) There’s nothing that says a non-commercial hobbyist translation is illegal.

    2.) There’s nothing that says providing the tools to inject that translation into a game is illegal.

    We’ve been doing that since forever.

    This could render fansubs illegal, translated Japanese comics illegal, and even certain kinds of mods of Japanese games illegal.

    Again: No one in their right mind wants that. And no one in their right mind would believe that Square-Enix actually has the legal right to put a stop to non-commercial hobbyist translations or non-commercially created tools for code injection into existing software.

    #17 4 months ago
  18. Clupula

    I asked for it. Specifically.

    In fact, I also took the time to explain to them that Vita owners were spoiled children who would pirate the game anyway, so you should just reward PS4 and XB1 players instead of them.

    So, when you say no one asked for it, you’re wrong. It was me. It was me all along.

    #18 4 months ago
  19. Clupula

    I have decided that all posts from TheWulf can be responded to with two simple words:

    “Suck it.”

    #19 4 months ago
  20. Legendaryboss

    I think what he meant was Square Enix said they listened to fans, but the majority of platform requests was for PSP or HD remake for Vita. That’s whats so funny! I mean confusing. Well even if things went right, it would have bombed in the end.

    #20 4 months ago
  21. CyberMarco

    @Clupula *roll-eyes*

    #21 4 months ago
  22. Stephany Nunneley

    I’ve been informed Sky is in the process of writing a statement regarding the entire issue. Once that is up I will make the proper changes to the post.

    Also, it appears the patch was already made available as of June, but due all posts on the matter being pulled, I was unaware of this and I had issues finding more on the matter via searches – despite the fact the patch is readily available on various file sharing sites from what I hear. It’s just been pulled from Sky’s site.

    Again, more information will be added once his statement goes live.

    #22 4 months ago
  23. Dragon

    @CyberMarco ,
    I think you would agree that sales on PS4 and X1 would be much higher than if it were only for Vita, especially for the west. PSP is long dead, so count that one out. SE took the platforms that makes most money, all anyone can do is deal with it. Its the same conundrum many wiiu fans face.
    But is piracy the best option against it? As I wanted to play the game in English (I used the patch), I bought the japanese game first and then used the patch. So the dev got the money and I got the game. Outright pirating something and paying nothing for it is not something I support.
    Plus in this case, it seems the cease and desist order came only after the western version was announced, so that absolves SE in my book.

    Honestly, after seeing how much of a bunch of stupid fucking children the PS4 community acted like, all I can say is GOOD ON YOU, SQUEENIX! Let them buy the Vita versions if they want it in English.

    I used to think Nintendo had the worst fans, but the PS4 community have shown me that they are a whole new level of ridiculousness. Anything that upsets them makes me happy.

    Just changing the platforms makes this statement quite correct for you. Relax dude. Why do you care if people want something on their platform? You do the same thing for console games in Japan, notably why Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush should be on PS3 (they wont).
    Quite a lot of double-standards in your words.

    #23 4 months ago
  24. Clupula

    @Dragon Not quite sure how that’d make the statement correct, since there isn’t a Vita version, and if there was, well, we know it’d flop anyway.

    I know English isn’t your first language, though, and normally we get along (honestly, I normally like Marco, as well, just not when it comes to this ridiculous attachment you all have towards portables), so I’ll just let things slide.

    #24 4 months ago
  25. CyberMarco

    @Dragon I wont argue about the immense sales on the PS4/XB1 compared to a PSP release but the things is it’s way too late to matter now. They had the opportunity to release it when time was due.

    I can always import the game and apply the patch to it, but personally that’s something SE should have done in the first place, let alone having to do that and over-pay in the process. Hell, I’ll probably end up buying it in the end, so yeah they’ll get my money in the end, like it or now.

    @Clupula It’s not really “ridiculous attachment” but rather expectations not being fulfilled by the promises companies make these days. You clearly aren’t a fan of handhelds but that doesn’t mean other shouldn’t look forward for more gaming opportunities.

    It seems to asking too fucking much these days for companies to get your money are deliver something that will set you for good.

    No hard feelings, cheers!

    #25 4 months ago
  26. CyberMarco

    @CyberMarco yeeeeeeeeeey, no edit button, fuck my syntax.

    #26 4 months ago

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