Blizzard’s first Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls content update is massive – look

Wednesday, 18th June 2014 13:14 GMT By Dave Cook

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is getting a huge content update courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. The studio’s latest blog runs down all of the new changes and additions coming in version 2.1.0.


Over on the Diablo 3 blog, Blizzard’s Nevalistis revealed that the update’s public test region is coming soon, and spooled off a wealth of new updates.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Seasons, first seen in Diablo 2. These are effectively the same as Call of Duty Prestige restarts in that hey take your adventurer and Artisans back to level one. The incentive is that players will be able to unlock new rewards and Legendaries, leaderboard standings, new Conquest achievements and more.

The update is massive, seriously. Have a look at it in more detail here.



  1. Dog4life

    PUBIC test region

    lovely <3

    #1 6 months ago
  2. IonizedPope

    Well, not really convinced by that update to be honest, although I very much credit Blizzard for keeping patches and content coming steadily!

    Still, seasons are not really new to Diablo, since Diablo II and Lord of Destruction Seasons have been a recurring thing with special runewords / legendaries. But I have to admit it tackles one of the main issues of D3 RoS which is a lack of endgame. Solely grinding and raising numbers numbingly slow on your gear is not the kind of endgame I expected, so I’m looking forward to the seasons.

    Glad to see legendary gems in the update too, also a big factor when upgrading your gear in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (Rainbow Facet) back in the days, I guess we’re only one more update away from getting back the runewords.. :D

    Regarding the Greater Rifts however, I don’t really get the concept of those.
    Grind areas to get keys to grind another area to get keys to grind yet another area?
    I just get the feeling they’re all out of ideas, but we’ll see how it works out.

    Glad to see Blizzard is still committed to Diablo!

    #2 6 months ago
  3. silkvg247

    re: Conquest. I think anything that rewards the “first X players to Y” is a disgusting, flawed idea.

    Unless people think it’s cool that full time workers lose out time and again that is. The obvious winners are going to be dole dossers, kids, or pensioners; maybe the occasional full time worker that booked a week off work?

    I see something like it and I think.. well that’s yet another thing I have no chance of getting through no fault of my own.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Revolting

    @silkvg247 Totally agreed, this is largely what turned me off MMOs a bunch of years back; as a grown adult with a full time job (not to mention other interests outside of work/mmos) there was simply no way to compete with people playing all day every day.

    Which conversely is why Destiny is currently massively appealing to me; it’s far more relaxed and accommodating. No doubt the hardcore legions will as ever write that off as “casual”. Which is not at all accurate, as far as I’m concerned. I know my games and in a raid I’m as reliable as the next person; I’m just not committed to a game 24/7.

    This does slightly diminish the appeal of Diablo for me; the beauty of it was you could always dip into it for a couple of hours here and there, some times weeks apart, and still enjoy yourself just as much. Seasons are a nice idea for people who want a new kind of challenge, but they’re definitely not for me, and although the Blizzard article stresses that they’re optional, clearly you’re missing out on a hell of a lot of their current focus if you don’t participate.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. bojack

    So you guys want it to be more casual?

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Hcw87


    You don’t have to be on top of the ladders to be rewarded. There are season-specific items that only drop when playing in that season (they will be added into the ”normal” game after the end of a season), and everything you do will carry over into your normal characters after a season as well. So every piece of gold you pick up, all the XP you earn through a season will carry over to your main characters.

    That way, it will never feel like a waste of time, but rather a fresh start of the game.

    #6 6 months ago

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