This Kinect easter egg spies on people in Watch Dogs

Thursday, 5th June 2014 09:44 GMT By Dave Cook

Watch Dogs may look like a dark and gritty hack-a-thon, but it actually has a wicked sense of humour running through it. This latest easter eggs shows a raging gamer being spied on through his Kinect device.

The game’s seriously full of hidden things, such as these 60 Watch Dogs billboards that when hacked, display a variety of internet memes.

In the clip below, you’ll see a man being spied on through his ‘Kinekt’ device – cleverly misspelled to avoid the wrath of Microsoft’s lawyers we’re guessing – as he loses his temper with whatever game he’s playing. Probably Call of Duty. I’ve been there.

Thanks Eurogamer.

What’s the best Watch Dogs easter egg you’ve found?

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  1. weinflames

    I love those videos. The one where they call Assassin’s Creed a “dumb” game is great too.

    #1 2 months ago
  2. weinflames

    Tried to embed the vid but it didn’t work :(

    #2 2 months ago
  3. Tormenter

    Easter egg..

    I’d have called that a major invasion of privacy instead.

    …and why would their be wrath from MS lawyers? (question)

    #3 2 months ago
  4. Tormenter


    Ignore that comment.. I should have watched the video.

    #4 2 months ago