Ultra Street Fighter 4′s fifth new character is Decapre

Monday, 17th March 2014 03:32 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Ultra Street Fighter 4′s top secret fifth new character has been revealed. See her in action in the trailer below.


As Capcom had promised, Decapre has never been playable before, but has appeared in a Street Fighter game – Street Fighter Alpha 3.

“Decapre now joins the fight! Although a partial mask hides a giant burn mark located on this Russian beauty’s face, challengers will be scarred by her quick and elusive scramble moves as well as her psycho power infused attacks, which allow her to share her pain with her opponents,” Capcom said in a statement published on Kotaku.

The trailer below shows off Decapre as well as the four other characters appearing in this new version of Street Fighter 4 – Poison, Elena, Hugo and Rolento.

Ultra Street Fighter 4has a ton of new features, too – edition character select, direct YouTube upload, online training, 3v3 matches, super and ultra combos, and focus mode – among others.

The ultimate brawler hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June; the PC version arrives in August. It will be available both as a paid DLC upgrade and an all-new stand-alone game.



  1. CharlesLupula

    I’m really looking forward to downloading the update for this, but even as a Cammy player, I must admit to being disappointed that the fifth character is basically Cammy’s version of Evil Ryu. A charge Cammy didn’t work all that well in Alpha 3 and I’m not sure it’ll be all that great here.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Alex Donaldson

    @1 She appears to be completely different. Seems not to be a Ryu/E.Ryu or Yun/Yang situation… the model is shared, but beyond that she seems completely new. Very curious how charge’ll work, though, especially with her having an air drill.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. Mike W

    Is Capcom crazy? Why such the secrecy for such a character that’s basically Cammy or is Cammy?

    #3 7 months ago

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