Dino Crisis reboot to be announced by Capcom later this year – rumour

Thursday, 27th February 2014 12:34 GMT By Dave Cook

Dino Crisis never got a modern sequel, after the third game took an odd ‘dinosaurs in space’ tangent. One magazine is reporting that Capcom is working on the project now, and that it’ll be announced later this year.


Just imagine…

Eurogamer Italy reports that this fresh rumour comes from the pages of this month’s OXM magazine.

The claim is at odds with comments made by Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata this time last year. Responding to claims that Onimusha and Dino Crisis might see a reboot, he said, “Capcom has obviously never shied away from bringing back our older IPs to new generations, but I do think it’s more important for us to focus on creating new IP as we move forward.”

Can you see this one happening?

We’ve asked Capcom for comment.

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  1. Obernox

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Mike W

    As long as they don’t get Ninja Theory to either one of them, I’ll think they might have a shot.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. OlderGamer

    I guess everything old becomes new again. I just would like to see the franchise mode of thinking disappear for awhile. I crave new worlds, new experiences, new IP. Lest this game hasn’t been around in awhile.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. azmza

    If this true FINALLY!, i ve been looking forward to this.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. kingy

    Yes loved the first game ,please be nextgen and big budget ,this could be awsome

    #5 7 months ago
  6. Sylrissa

    OH HELLS YES!, I loved this game, wish the original was available on the EU store :(

    #6 7 months ago
  7. Homer2014

    I hope isn’t an Xbone exclusive

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Sylrissa

    Nice picture header btw, I remember that show on tv :D

    #8 7 months ago
  9. Michael Ireland

    Queue thousands of people getting attached to characters that weren’t very good and a lore that was thinner than paper complaining about the slightest little changes to a franchise that has almost nothing beyond “dinosaurs” to define it in the first place.

    #9 7 months ago
  10. Dave Cook

    @Sylrissa Loved it!

    #10 7 months ago
  11. Triggerhappy

    Now it’s been a long time since I played DC2, but I remember the story being fairly decent with a good twist at the end. I’m definitely excited by this, loved the atmosphere in these games, although the scariest enemy was the control scheme itself…

    #11 7 months ago
  12. Xbone

    Loved the first one. It was a Resident Evil game… with raptors and shit.

    Now they only need to reboot the RE franchise (they promised it) PLEASE!

    #12 7 months ago
  13. POOhead

    @3 I know what you mean but some reboots have done that in the past such as ninja gaiden, DMC and even turok, anyways i cant wait for this, wouldnt mind if they went back to the original gameplay (as seen on DC 1 and 2) whatever they do i just hope it isnt shit, we need more dinosaur games

    #13 7 months ago
  14. Erthazus

    Loved that shit. I always came to my brother who had PS1 to play Dino Crisis. Such a gem of that gen.

    I hope they can make it on the new engine – Panta Rhei. Woo

    #14 7 months ago
  15. salarta

    To be honest, I wish I could be excited for the prospect given how shitty representation of female protagonists has been since last generation (the only good ones were Chell from Portal, Milla from Tales of Xillia, and Nilin from Remember Me). But, I’ve been conditioned to dread the concept of a reboot, especially if it’s coming out of Capcom or Squeenix.

    I’d like to expect that we’d see a cool, badass Regina, one I can admire and respect for doing everything a guy can do and more. Unfortunately, what I expect is that she’d either start out as a scared, submissive weakling that wears skimpy or fetish clothes, or she’d be that way the whole game.

    I don’t have a whole lot I can actually say about this, because unlike most female characters I talk about, I haven’t played Dino Crisis. I don’t have nearly as much right to talk about the character or franchise as ones I’ve talked about in the past. But, I AM also quite sick of seeing the current popular trend of women that are scared and weak, and/or have an emphasis put on how “sexy” that can be while getting beat up. I don’t expect every female character to be a badass, but I don’t want nearly ever female character out there to be either the direct opposite of a badass or else forced against her will by the situation she’s in to stop being her implied natural state of “weak, scared little girl.”

    #15 7 months ago
  16. Darkfield

    #16 7 months ago
  17. fihar

    Eh, I haven’t played a dinosaur game in ages so I’m happy if this turns out to be legit.
    I’d rather have a resurrected IP that is relatively unique rather than ten Titanfalls.

    #17 7 months ago
  18. fihar

    Oh and with Jurassic World set for next year, a decent dinosaur game can’t hurt.

    #18 7 months ago
  19. CharlesLupula

    Man, one of these days Capcom is going to make a game besides Street Fighter and Resident Evil that I want to play…

    I didn’t give a shit about Dino Crisis on the PS1, didn’t give a shit about it on the original Xbox, and I won’t give a shit about it on the next-gen consoles. It’s amazing how consistently apathetic I feel about almost everything Capcom puts out these days. I miss the days of Devil May Cry and Rival Schools and Power Stone and Darkstalkers and Breath of Fire and all the Clover titles, where a Capcom game meant that I was going to get real quality. Ever since Dark Void, it’s like Capcom’s entered, well, a dark void of games that do nothing for me.

    #19 7 months ago

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