Thief: new screens show stealth takedowns, characters & city streets

Friday, 24th January 2014 14:00 GMT By Dave Cook

Thief has received a new batch of screens and art, following another wave of pre-release previews.

Stace Harman recently played the newest pre-release build, and you can read all about it in his Thief preview. I also interviewed Eidos Montreal on the challenges of crafting a solid reboot, and how to bring Garrett into the new generation.

  • Thief is out February 25 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One across North America, then February 28 across Europe.
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    1. TheWulf

      Isn’t anyone ever bothered by the lack of colour? Honestly? Not just Thief, specifically, here but this is one of my top complaints about mainstream games. They have colour palettes so limited that we might as well use old black & white tellies.

      My only other complaint based upon the screens alone is that I’m disappointed by how young-faced Garrett is. These days, it seems like it’s a crime to have anyone other than a generic Aryan as a hero. Old? Nope. Overweight? Forget it. Disabled? Never. Gay? Fuck off.

      Just a straight, white, perfect young male.

      Nice to see the Aryan ideologies are so, so very alive, still.

      Some part of me wants to like this because it’s still Thief, but the aesthetics turn me off at every turn. That, combined with how they’ve made Garrett more of a generic Robin Hood? I don’t know.

      I think I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t as intelligent as I am? And I really can’t help that. I’m a creature of novelty, and I see every game since around ’07 and on, here.

      Edit: You know, new Thief would have bugged me less if Garrett were of a different ethnicity. If they’d been ballsy enough to have really rebooted the character and made him African, Asian, or even Hispanic…

      But, no. Aryan.

      #1 11 months ago
    2. bradk825

      You are sneaking around in the dark… It’s dark.

      #2 11 months ago
    3. Panthro


      Yeah they should have made him chinese, that would of shook up the game industry! complete balls the walls chaos.

      It all depends on context..
      Ofcourse you are going to be playing a slim strong man in a game where you have to climb, sneak and kill people.
      The day they want to make a game about a fat princess who eats cake they will probably use a fat princess… oh yeah they already have.
      Ok maybe there will be a time when games let you create your own characters with there own ethnicities, height and bodyweight.. oh yeah there is already plenty.
      Remember that game that came out last year? dont know if you missed it or not but you played as a black guy who steals cars, a chubby white father who likes to rub banks and a redneck who likes to murder people…

      Same with the sexuality thing, what difference does it make what sexual preference Garret is? it’s a game about stealing things… ok maybe if you ask nice enough they will include a mission where Garret confides in one of the guards he attacks and reveals all about how he once sucked off his gardner and has loved men ever since, would you like that? or would you think ‘well this is a bit irrelevant’… because all it would be is irrelevant.

      “I think I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t as intelligent as I am?”

      Wow dude, how many times do I have click onto an article to see you gloating about how intelligent and better you are than the average person, get a grip.

      #3 11 months ago
    4. absolutezero

      You know it cuts him up inside that hes a white man and not you know an otherkin or some shit.

      Fucking tumblr I swear to God.

      #4 11 months ago
    5. cyberrblob


      MGS 4 Snake was old

      :p <3

      Agree with the colour pallet

      #5 11 months ago
    6. YoungZer0


      “Wow dude, how many times do I have click onto an article to see you gloating about how intelligent and better you are than the average person, get a grip.”

      Oh no he won’t. He will continue to write comments that are longer than any article here on VG247, continue to complain about pretty damn irrelevant stuff, continue to ignore games that do contradict his statement and continue to ignore anyone who tries to argue with him.


      “Fucking tumblr I swear to God.”

      Damn straight. Thank god they still allow the sharing of porn pictures, otherwise the only people still using it would be rad-fems and fangirls sharing instagrammed animated gifs from their favorite tv shows.

      I’ve seen terrorist websites, conspiracy websites and all other kinds of weird and outlandish websites, but I’ve yet to see one that shuts itself off from the real world as much as tumblr.

      #6 11 months ago
    7. Hcw87

      You overanalyze stuff way too much. How do you even enjoy gaming nowadays? Stop scrutinizing everything and enjoy the games for what they are. Or just stop gaming and find another hobby suitable for your vast intellect. Maybe rocket science?

      #7 11 months ago

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