Dead Rising 3: new screens show co-op madness, new biker boss, friendly characters

Wednesday, 18th September 2013 08:17 GMT By Dave Cook

Dead Rising 3′s co-op play has received a big batch of screens and details, along with a new non-Psycho biker boss. There’s also mad outfits, new femme fatales and of course.

In Dead Rising 3, Nick Ramos can be joined by hapless truck driver Dick, and together they can raise hell on the streets of Los Perdidos. This Capcom-Unity blog post confirmed that players will be untethered when they pair up, meaning they can explore the breadth of the map to their heart’s content.

Missions to complete together will be completed in both of your solo saves too, so you literally are completing the game as a team.

Capcom also published a new batch of Dead Rising 3 screens, although I’ll admit there’s one or two oldies in there as well. They show off the game’s first revealed Psycho Greed. He’s a mad surgeon. There’s also a non-Psycho boss. He’s the biker guy seen below. Finally, there’s two friendly female characters who are yet to be detailed.

We’ll let you know when Capcom Vancouver drops more info on us, but for now, what do you think?



  1. ps4fanboy

    dead rising 3 exclusive to xbox
    deep down exclusive to PS4.
    deep down’s more exciting

    #1 1 year ago
  2. fearmonkey

    As much as I love Zombies I couldnt get into the first two games.

    I think some of those screens look very nice though.

    #2 1 year ago

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