Payday 2 has a year of DLC planned, female robber in mind says dev

Tuesday, 13th August 2013 16:41 GMT By Dave Cook

Payday 2 has just hit Steam, and Overkill’s David Goldfarb has his sights set on a long and prosperous year of DLC to keep people interested. He has discussed the content in a new interview and laid out his desire to throw a female robber into the mix.

Speaking with OXM, he said, “There’s like a year of DLC planned,” and added, “one of the first things I have on my list, is to make sure we get a female character.

“I’m hoping – I don’t know if we’ll get it as our first DLC, because we’d have to redo all the animations so it doesn’t look like a dude walking around with a female body. But I’d like to do that.”

On the topic of getting more female characters into games, Goldfarb added, “Believe me, I have said this and we’ve talked about it, so I think it will happen, it’s just a question of when on the timeline.

“Because I want, like I said, I want my daughters to be able to [play as a female] – no, I’d need to wait a bit for that – but in theory, it’d be cool for them to mask up. I just think it’d be cool if we had both, that’s all. It’s definitely on our list. One of the many things that are on our list.”

Would you like to see female robbers added into Payday 2? What else would you like to see? Let us know below.



  1. Djoenz

    How old are his daughters?
    Anywho want a female char then create one!
    Dont simply talk about it.

    Whats wrong with this picture? Cant developers just create believable female chars and never justify them. ?

    Oh yeah mass effect’s Tali and Dragon Age’s Morgan. Core aspects of the game from the get go.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. YoungZer0

    So she can’t play as a thief as long as he isn’t female? SOUNDS LIKE SEXISM!

    #2 1 year ago
  3. Se_7_eN

    @1 – Creating a female character isn’t as simple as just throwing a 3D model into the game. We have to create all new animations for that model, fluid movements, sound effects, environment reactions etc…

    The models from the previous game were already finished, so putting them into the game was quick and easy, and I am sure they would want to give her a new mask as opposed to the originals.

    Simply put, by not making a female model they were able to develop the game quickly, and get it out to the public, with the money received, the devs and designers will use it towards making the DLC (The female character, new maps, guns, etc.)

    #3 1 year ago
  4. YoungZer0

    @3: Environment reactions?

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Se_7_eN

    @4 – Climbing ladders, placing boards on the windows, etc.

    #5 1 year ago

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