End of Nations re-emerges as free vehicle-combat MOBA

Friday, 12th July 2013 10:52 GMT By Dave Cook

End of Nations started life as an MMORTS under original developer Petroglyph, but it has now re-emerged as a free vehicular combat MOBA from Trion Worlds. Beta invites have started rolling out now.

You can find the new End of Nations beta site here. The site confirms that the MOBA is free, focuses on vehicle units and will offer team-based skirmishes.

Trion has also released images of five vehicles each with Transformer-esque names like The Judge, Sidewinder and Decibel. We’ve got the shots below if you’re interested.

What do you think of the new End of Nations? Would you have preferred to see this launch a tactical RTS, or are you happy with the MOBA route? Let us know below.

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  1. chas

    The RTS version was absolute trash so I guess this is what they could salvage. I’d rather they kept it an RTS because the world needs more of them but still.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. SplatteredHouse

    Let’s just hope they don’t mess up Archeage. OT, a vehicle MOBA sounds a lot more appealing than “mmo/tactical RTS thing”.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. GrimRita

    Well thats this OFF my wanted list. Sounds like Wacky racers with guns! I actually liked EoN and looking forward to its grand scale and large battles. Just a shame yet another narrow minded publisher couldn’t see the potential behind it either.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. unacomn

    The RTS had potential, another MOBA… well, it be another MOBA.

    Damn :(

    #4 1 year ago
  5. TheWulf

    What am I even looking at, here? And I mean this in a good way! Someone apparently decided to hit the ‘innovate’ button in the MOBA genre which, in all honesty, really hasn’t seen all that much innovation.

    This is the closest thing to a Transformers MOBA that will likely ever happen. So I’ll have to give it a look.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. TheWulf


    Usually I don’t like RTS games, and the reason for this is that they like to try to overload me with information presented in the tiniest text possible. As a person with a sigh issue that isn’t fixable (and spectacles don’t help, either), I tend to find that RTS games are almost hostile towards me.

    Accessibility has been warped, these days. “Accessibility” used to mean adding a ramp to a building so that someone with a wheelchair could access it. That’s what it should continue to mean in games. I mean, Dragon Commander is an accessible RTS. Not in that it’s “dumbed down” (or whatever the current buzzwords are), but simply that it doesn’t aggressively try to kill your eyes with screens upon screens of illegible text.

    And really, I don’t think anyone wants screens and screens of illegible text. This is why the RTS scene is slowly dying outside of a certain niche, and why the MOBA scene is thriving. MOBA games don’t assault your eyes by having pages of tiny text on every part of the interface, and then having more for every single unit. That’s where they win.

    If the RTS is to survive, it needs to find a modern, clever way of presenting information to the player. A way which doesn’t cause internal eye bleeding and migraines.

    The first RTS to do that will spark a re-emergence of the genre, such an effort would bring the RTS back from the dead. All an RTS really has to do to innovate right now is just remove damn near all of the tiny text. It can be done, it’s been done by other genres, and now the RTS just needs to catch up. With that done, we could all be enjoying good RTS games again.

    Just so people don’t think I’m complaining about nothing, here’s a screenshot of Sword of the Stars. Admittedly, it’s a 4X game, but it’s an RTS subgenre anyway and it suffers the same problems.

    Now, frankly? I would have to have a masochistic hatred of my eyes, one that borders on masochism and wanting to cause myself bodily harm to enjoy that.

    That’s sad, because I want to play Sword of the Stars, and other 4X/RTS games like it, but that text… that text…

    #6 1 year ago

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