The Secret World Issue #7 out now for members

Tuesday, 9th July 2013 23:13 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Secret World’s free-to-play users can pick it up from the in-game store on July 12, but members can leap right into Issue #7: A Dream to Kill now.

Issue #7 includes an all-new storyline in Transylvania involving a huge monster, and will have players explore hidden Orochi bases; meet an Orochi deserter; use the new flamethrower auxiliary weapon; and ride snowmobiles.

The bit that made me lose my shit is that at the end of A Dream to Kill we’ll finally learn a key part of The Secret World’s mysterious story, leading up to Tokyo – the new zone expected in a future update. Whee!

The latest content update costs $10, although members get a discount in addition to their three-day exclusivity window, and can purchase it with Funcom points gleaned from their membership pack.

More details on the new issue are available in the director video below.



  1. TheWulf

    I like the idea of these issues, but I wish they’d do one that focused around the research/puzzling stuff. I mean, you can get all of this action, action, action in any other MMO and it really doesn’t look special. What compels with The Secret World is the learning and the uncovering.

    Going into something, not having a clue, picking it apart and finding bits out, speculating as you puzzle and you research your way through it. Exploring, jumping, finding, solving, knowing. It’s like it wants to be Uru so bad but it feels it has to play up to the violence fetish just because people are idiots.

    This makes me sad.

    I still appreciate what it is under all that, though. When you scrape away its SO SERIOUS exterior, when you push past all the mindless violence tacked on to appease the masses, there’s something special there. I only got into it because I bought it as part of a Steam deal and my expectations were incredibly low.

    But when you come across characters who embrace their levity, where you can’t tell how much of what they say is bullshit and how much of it is actual, relevant lore… and then you combine that with the aforementioned parts. Then it becomes a joy, in those moments.

    Then it’s back to killing shit.

    And that’s such a disappointment. This game could be great, but it’s trying so hard to be cool for the cool kids, it’s so terrified to be its own thing.

    Look at me! I can do that thing you kids like! With the guns, and the explosions, and the kewl (am I saying that right?) vehicular chases, and even parachutes! You kids love parachuting away from explosions, right? Base-jumping?


    It feels like Gill from the Simpsons.

    It needs money to survive and sold its own soul for that money. Yet I’m sure there’s a dedicated demographic of people out there who would be more than willing to keep it funded to the best of their ability if it would just stop pretending to be something it’s not.

    I don’t hate The Secret World, far from it. I kind of love parts of it, to some degree. I love the lack of vertical progression, I love that it’s not a skinner box game, I love it when I’m doing things that aren’t summed up by ‘killing shit.’

    I just strongly dislike it when it tries to be something it’s not.

    Hell, even the secret societies. The Templars seem to be the main thing, the one the developers wanted in there (which is why London is the only place that’s fully fleshed out, and the only place that has a bank). Then you have the Illuminati for the hipsters/cool kids/hotshot wannabes, and the Dragon for the trolls.

    So yeah, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate The Secret World, but looking at it sometimes is like looking at a person with self-destructive tendencies.

    In some ways, though… The Secret World has come the closest to being the first, great MMO. The one that does everything I want. This is why I’m so hard on it for its flaws, because the only reason those flaws exist is because it’s trying to court an audience it’ll never truly have. Hence the muted seriousness, the zombies, the explosions…

    When I first saw the first The Secret World trailer, my reaction was “What? Oh, this is funny! You expect me to take it seriously?!” and that was what I took away from it. Then, when I first played the game and met the ladies at the Templar club with the Welsh Sorcerer guy, and John Galahad, I understood. They were being Pratchett. It was bullshit with a knowing grin. I can appreciate that. I’m fine with bullshit-with-a-knowing-grin. I dig it.

    But then Kingsmouth and all the SO SERIOUS people, with only the Orochi lovers for any levity.

    I dunno.

    I could write about this game all day. It frustrates the hell out of me. The games that annoy me the most are the ones that are just that far away from greatness, and the ones that get elevated to priority of annoyance are those who don’t achieve greatness for entirely stupid reasons.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. deathm00n

    @1 I think we didn’t watched the same first trailer, this is the one who caught my atention at first:

    From this trailer I got the impression we were going to get a dark game about something strange happening in our real world, and this is exactly what we got, the game is everything they promised, I think it is you who got their idea wrong. I wasn’t expecting all the puzzle solving, and I really think some of them were way too hard and forced, like the one were you need to discover something about “innocent eyes looking at you from the gallows”. I abandoned trying to discover this one alone and went on the net, just to discover that you were supposed to magically know that there’s a bridge where a guy hanged himself, or discover the bridge by yourself wandering around the gigantic map.

    #2 1 year ago

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