Sleeping Dogs Law Enforcer DLC goes live on Steam

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:01 GMT By Dave Cook

Sleeping Dogs has received the Law Enforcer Pack DLC on Steam today. It’s a new update that throws plenty of SWAT gear and detective garbs into the mix.

Valve tweeted the news this morning, and you can buy the pack now for just £1.19. Hit the link to grab it now.

The pack unlocks a slew of HKPD gear, including the SWAT Tactical Uniform, Crime Scene Investigator outfit – and a sweet nightstick.

You also get plus five new vehicles for your buck, the SDU Armored Truck, HKPD Cruiser, HKPD Motorcycle, HKPD Van, and the HKPD SUV.

Anyone out there still playing Sleeping Dogs? What do you make of it?

Meanwhile the game’s next story DLC expansion ‘Year of the Snake’ has been given a teaser trailer. Watch it here.