Wii U: premium console made up 60% of UK launch sales

Monday, 3rd December 2012 09:29 GMT By Dave Cook

Wii U launched across the UK on Friday 30th of November, and while its software has yet to make an impact on the UK top 40 charts, the premium bundle has reportedly sold well, accounting for 60% of Nintendo’s launch sales.

MCV reports that GfK Chart-Track has named the 32GB black premium Wii U as most popular SKU among launch buyers, at 60% of total sales.

It is followed by the ZombiU bundle – including a 32GB premium console and a copy of Ubisoft’s horror title – which accounted for 30% of sales, while Nintendo’s 8GB Basic pack garnered just 10%, which is understandable given its small hard drive space, which is reduced to just 3GB after the console’s day-one patch is installed.

Chart track championed Nintendo’s 24-strong software line-up, which featured FIFA 13, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition and more, stating that the roster was bigger “Than any other home console ever launched in the UK.”

Did you pick up a Wii U last week? What do you make of it? Let us know below.



  1. Ekona

    I’m surprised that many people even bought the basic one tbh.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Gazmando

    I got the ZombiU premium bundle on launch day. I also picked up Assassins Creed III.

    So far I love the console, its not perfect, but there is alot of things I love about it still.

    Like the controller and how its used in ZombiU, though it doesnt really add anything too ACIII (I use the Pro controller instead now). ACIII looks amazing (though granted it may have looked just as amazing on other consoles, though I havent played it on others).

    The negatives, it can be a little slow to close things and go back too the Wii U menu. I had my first freeze last night while playing ACIII.

    Takes me a while to find things im looking for (though this may just be down to it being new and finding my way around).

    The battery life of the controller has been under alot of scrutiny, but cant say I have had an issue (yet). But I have been using the Pro controller for ACIII, and I can imagine it might be an issue further down the line. If I really get into a game I can play it for 12 hours straight, reports suggest the battery life is about 3-4 hours. But not had it run out of charge on me while playing ZombiU, but only had a few sessions at a couple of hours a time.

    So far I love the console, and cant wait too see what Nintendo does when they start bringing out there first party games.

    #2 2 years ago

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