XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch will make Easy mode easier

Thursday, 1st November 2012 20:46 GMT By Jeff Dunn

If the aliens of XCOM: Enemy Unknown have been vaporizing too many of your comrades lately, fear not: 2K and Firaxis are planning on easing things up a bit.

As detailed over on the 2K Forums, the strategy game’s next patch will decrease the difficulty of its Easy mode, lessening the burden on your Earth-saving buds.

Here’s a list of all the other fixes included in the patch, which does not have a set release date right yet:

Major Fixes

  • Abductor roof visibility problems resolved
  • Interception game hang issues resolved
  • If two interceptors are sent after UFO
  • If Skyranger is returning from combat after an Interceptor was already deployed
  • SHIV inaccessible issues resolved
  • AI Alien Activity Hang resolution
  • Multiplayer connectivity optimization

Other Fixes

  • TempleShip optimization: All Soldiers properly spawn when restarting the mission after clearing the second room of TempleShip
  • Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving.

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  1. AHA-Lambda

    NNNOOOO!!!! Easy mode was fine as it is! :(

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Erthazus

    I played Classic mode and it was easy as hell for me.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Mineral4r7s

    @2 I “beat” the game in classic mode + Ironman and it wasn’t that hard, but now the game is mocking me. Everytime I kill the boss I get a defeat screen, and I can’t read about any fix on that here! Ohh the RAGE !!!

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Deacon

    I spent hours and hours on my first ‘Normal’ playthrough, getting all the foundry projects and hitting all the trophies I could (yeah, I know), only for the game to inexplicably hang on the squad selection screen for the last mission (I’m on PS3).

    I am pretty fucking outraged at this tbh. I’ve tried several times, but it just won’t play ball.
    I’d already had 3 or 4 hangs earlier in my campaign, and it’s completely tainted an otherwise excellent game.

    I WAS really looking forward to Classic Ironman, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to invest in that if I’m going to be met with game-destroying crashes.

    Yet another dev who cannot seem to get it right on PS3. FFS :’(

    #4 2 years ago

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