Star Trek Online dev: ‘game reviews don’t do MMOs justice’, calls for Metacritic reform

Monday, 24th September 2012 16:34 GMT By Dave Cook

Star Trek Online developer Cryptic has discussed the nature of the free-to-play business and the relationship between MMOs and reviewing websites. The studio suggests that Metacritic find a new method of collectively appraising games within the genre.

Speaking with, Star Trek producer Dan Stahl said of the review process, “In my opinion, the whole game rating business doesn’t necessarily do a great justice to MMOs. MMOs are designed to grow over time and get better with every major release.”

Stahl added, “It might be better if sites like Metacritic could find a way to rate MMOs by releases instead of just the initial day one. There are plenty of MMOs that have made huge strides since days one and some that have even gotten worse. Until then, we will continue to offer the game for free and ask for people to try it out and decide for themselves.”

What do you think about Metacritic’s approach to iterative games like MMOs? Is it a fair system or does it need revision? Let us know below



  1. Dragon246

    The entire games industry doesnt do them justice.They just cant be reviewed the normal way. I hope separate benchmarks are set for them and they should be reviewed periodically like say, one year or so to see if they the earlier score or not.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. traumafox

    Sure these games evolve over time, but expansions do tend to be reviewed separately. What I played of STO did not impress me, and no revised MMO-appropriate review system is going to change that. A poor launch is a poor launch.

    It just sounds like he wants reviewers to go out and tell everyone “Hey guys, it’s better now!” instead of spending advertising dollars to say it himself.

    #2 2 years ago

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