World of Tanks 8.0 update delayed to allow for further polishing

Thursday, 20 September 2012 12:37 GMT By Dave Cook

World of Tanks update 8.0 has been delayed by developer Wargaming to give the studio time for further bug-fixing.

The update was due to arrive in Eastern Europe this week, but Wargaming producer Overlord confirmed the content would be delayed in a blog post.

Overlord explained, “Release of 8.0 initially scheduled for RU region for this week was postponed, which naturally affects release dates for other regions as well.”

PCGamesN, reported on the delay and explained the nature of the bug in question, “The crash issues include FPS drops in sniper mode, a crash to desktop in paint mode, and a disappearing dispersion circle.”

More updates as we get it. Thanks PCGamesN.