Hitman: Absolution sees return of veteran voice actor

Wednesday, 29th August 2012 01:12 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Hitman: Absolution will feature the talents of David Bateson, Agent 47′s regular voice actor.

Square Enix confirmed Bateson’s return today. The popular actor has voiced Agent 47 since the franchise’s debut with Codename 47 in 2000. IO Interactive had initially announced that Bateson wouldn’t be back, but after a “long search” apparently agreed with fans that there’s only one man for the job.

Interestingly, William Mapother provided the motion capture for 47; he’s better known as Ethan from Lost.

“IO and Bateson have been bed fellows for over a decade and like all long running relationships sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Looking back I think we were just playing hard to get,” Hitman brand director Jon Brooke said.

Ah ha ha. Hitman Absolution is due on November 20 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



  1. xXEspada06Xx

    thank you square enix!!!!!! thank god David Bateson is back for voicing agent 47 in hitman absolution!!!! this is going to make long-time fans really happy!!! :)

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Sini

    meh he barely spoke in blood money.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Maximum Payne

    Finally people can stop crying!

    #3 2 years ago
  4. YoungZer0

    @3: You wish.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. absolutezero

    That would be my que to continue crying about the lack of Kyd.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. xXEspada06Xx

    @5: oh yeah.. it sucks that Jesper Kyd won’t be scoring Hitman Absolution too… He’s been composing music for Hitman since Silent Assassin..

    What also sucks is that Vivienne McKee won’t be voicing Diana Burnwood but will be voiced my Marsha Thompson..

    #6 2 years ago
  7. YoungZer0

    @6: Actually Jesper was on board from the start. He made the music for the first one as well. I don’t think it’s too bad though, the new music sounds absolutely excellent.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. xXEspada06Xx

    @7: Just found out I wrote it wrong. What I really meant was that Vivienne McKee was voicing Diana Burnwood since Silent Assassin..

    #8 2 years ago
  9. HauntaVirus

    Good to hear!

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Edo

    I am very glad to hear this.

    #10 2 years ago

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