Future Kinect may sense voice tone, body stance, says Tsunoda

Tuesday, 10th April 2012 10:58 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Kinect creative boss Kudo Tsunoda has said in an MCV interview the future Kinect tech could sense the tone of voice and the body stance of the person playing it.

“We’ve done so much work just with software to enhance Kinect’s abilities over time. Since it came out, we’ve been able to do a lot more seated play, let people scan in objects and have the game recreate them. Even Kinect Rush scans in players and turns them into Pixar characters, which is awesome,” said Tsunoda.

“What we’re really interested right now is creating experiences that help you develop real world skills that help you in other parts of your life.

“We’re also looking at how we can make people more like actors within a narrative. I think the work done in Mass Effect 3 has been awesome. We want to get to the stage where not only can Kinect detect what you’re saying but also tone of voice and body stance, and work that into the narrative. There are some really compelling experiences to be gained from that.”

Tsunoda added the reason it brought Kinect Star Wars to retail than as a digital download was a “logical” decision for such an “iconic” name.

“This is a super huge product, it’s one of our blockbuster games and it’s got a really iconic IP,” he said.

“That said, I don’t think there’s anything that necessarily makes something a boxed product or a download. So much entertainment is now available via both.

“With this title, we decided the most logical way to release it was in store. The IP’s widespread appeal means it made sense to have it on the shelves where people buy Kinect.”



  1. diego-rbb-93

    This “genious” really kills me. He´s worst than a kick in the balls. And it´s really disappointing, because you know that his tech is the future, but righ now, it´s only a lie that needs more I&D to become a true dream.

    How can you sell future specifications for Kinect 2 when actually, some of the E3 2009 Specifications (where´s that Objects Scanning Technology? Where´s that fight with a Martial Arts Master “so real”?) aren´t completely developed for a device that can´t work with them at all?

    That video was all a smokescreen and I´m still feel really cheated, and there isn´t excuse when you see what Star Wars Kinect provides, nothing but a lot of prefabricated moves for the player. You dont feel like a Jedi but a fool jumping in front of a big camera (only talking about Jedi Gameplay, as games like Dance Central or the own Dancing Gaming in SWK proves that at least Kinect is able to do great things).

    A game based on Star Wars feels like a lot of dinamic and fast gameplay, something Kinect isn´t completely allowed to do, and man, I know they will in the future, but they are telling me that I can already do that. Its shameful, and only because they ran fast in order to have something to fight Wii as soon as posible.

    This man feels like Steve Jobs: Not allowing other options, hybrid options. Like Jobs, the finger was the ONLY controller, but a lot of people it´s crying for some physical controls or even something like S-Pen Tech from Samsung. How the fuck I will feel like a jedi when I can´t even move around? Its just Rails on! You need some kind of stick or some solution to bring walking movement, rails isn´t going to deliver anything.

    “You are the controller”. But not on this gen, probably in the next. But well, you need to say the same lie a thousand times and it will become true, just for the market, right?

    “How much room there is to invent new things with Kinect…” First bring me the powerful device you promised me. Then we´ll talk.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Deacon

    @1 – the word I liked there was ‘cheated’. Did we expect anything else from MS?

    But hey, Kinect is the future. You are the controller. Feel the battles. A gamepad will NEVER give you the immersion that jumping around waving will. Honest.

    Just carry on talking your shit up MS. All you ever do lately.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. diego-rbb-93

    Deacon, if you had really read me, you would have known I actually think that MS is the best positioned for win the next-gen, as I stated to Christopher Jack (don´t remeber what news was) and for the moment, it´s the most interesting platform if it really knows how to take Kinect seriously.

    I guess trolls in fact dont even read. What a waste of time. :(

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Deacon

    So the next Xbox is the ‘best positioned’ due to the potentially compulsory inclusion of Kinect?

    Do you think the issue is honestly Microsoft ‘not knowing’ what to do with Kinect?
    I honestly think that the single biggest obstacle to Kinect actually working is that, by design, it is unsuited to the majority of the game-types people play.

    I suppose I should apologise for not knowing that what you were saying wasn’t in fact your opinion as you stated your true opinion elsewhere in a thread that I just so happened not to memorize for future reference.

    By all means – go right ahead thinking that your little plastic dust-gatherer is the next true messiah of videogames.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. diego-rbb-93

    Deacon, you continue wasting my time. Not anymore please, trolls are boring.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Deacon

    I don’t agree, therefore I am troll. So you troll the troll.

    Maybe you weren’t able to understand my post. I MEAN NO HARM SIR. The comments are for discussion no? By writing a long post were you not hoping for some healthy discussion, no? Or were you just fishing for some compliments/fans?

    So you love MS, love Kinect, and I’m supposed to magically know this (despite a page-long post on it’s shortcomings) so that I can then post in a manner that pleases you and doesn’t have me libellously branded a troll forever more?

    I’m just not doing very well today.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. diego-rbb-93

    Its “speaking forms” what i just can´t continue accepting: “Just carry on talking your shit up MS. All you ever do lately”, “By all means – go right ahead thinking that your little plastic dust-gatherer is the next true messiah of videogames”

    You are just judging me since the firts comment, what is unacceptable, as you really havent read anything about me or my thoughts, just some comments since I login here in february.

    Maybe i just read to fast, something I shouldnt do as im spanish foreign and I must translate in the best way I can, so im sorry if I didnt understand correctly or I didn´t see that you were trying to express yourself correctly and not like a fool.

    I dont love MS or Kinect, but from one hand, I love MS management and perceptions for this gen, reaching a goal like turning Xbox in a trully Media center for Home, something that PS3 still fails in many ways, and that its thanks to Kinect too.

    From the other hand, I love Kinect conception as it was presented in 2009, or at least, what it really means in gaming when it takes full potencial of its specifications, but the poor execution it has become.

    I never meant to say that MS or Kinect is the messias. In fact, I dont have a 360 or Kinect, but I see them really close thanks to my friends.

    And what I actually believe and Im really interested, its in portable devices like Vita, that can deliver a lot of experiences by hybrids controls and good specifications.

    Right now Im more interested in portability (thanks to my experiences with PSP) than Kinect. But that doesnt cut my right to criticize what MS and Kudo Tsunoda its trying to manage and sell.

    I think Kinect can still have something to say in every single gaming genre. But it´s all about hybrid standard controls, what Kudo Tsunoda doesnt understand (besides he really likes to sell incomplete devices like Kinect 1.0. Im sure Kinect 2.0 will deliver what E3 2009 stated). Hes as blind as Jobs when he was asked about hybrid or even gaming facilities for users.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Deacon

    I may hate on it at any given opportunity, but I am still totally impressed with Kinect from a technical point of view. When it was originally announced it seemed like it could do a whole bunch of things that we’d never thought possible.

    As time has gone on however, and MS continue to promote it as the next generation of gaming (at the expense & alienation of their more ‘traditional’ gaming userbase). Sure – it provides an unequalled experience for Dance simulators or silly party mini-game compilations. So too does it offer complete immersion when playing something like Child of Eden. My issue is that MS are continuously telling us how fantastic the titles will be, and how they will appeal to core gamers and casual alike.

    If they actually end up selling another Kinect under the hood of the nextBox (meaning a LOT of people spent £130-odd for effectively the ‘trial period’) then that’ll be an absolute fucking joke.

    MS management and perception???? ; ) I give them props for Kinect, but it should realistically still be in R&D until the imaginations of developers catch-up. If Molyneux’s The Journey doesn’t deliver, who will they turn to next?

    And dude, the 360 only just got a browser last year or something? You couldn’t even play movies from a USB stick! what are you smoking?

    I’m not saying this due to any allegiance I may have, but the PS3 has been a far superior media center for quite a bit longer than the 360 has.

    MS’ perception extends about as far as paying for exclusivity and content. Oh and the somewhat taboo Kinect. Their HD-dvd storage format alone has held the industry back more than the Kinect has taken it forward.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. DarkPyroZXA

    i liked the Kinect when they first introduced it, the Milo program that could let you have a virtual friend that can see and understand what you say and show what to draw was amazing, but since then, its been rail game after rail game, the Kinectimals were cute, but all about the little mini games, the Dancing genre has exploded cuz of the Kinect, which is cool and all, but what the games are missing are core components like moving around in a 3D environment, to fix that they would need an omni-treadmill (allows full movement in one spot) and those sell for 10k (i think, not 100% sure). im sure the Kinect 2.0 will bring in more to it, but mostly its going to be waving your hands sperastically trying to hit floating invisible balls or position yourself in weird ways. it would be nice if more games had the ability to allow the player to really be in the game, with no restricted movement and the ability to do whatever tickles your fancy, which is one reason why i like the PS Move, altho they haven’t been releasing any good games that take advantage of such an awesome tech, for example, if Skyrim had PSMove compatibility, Sony’s sales in for the Move would explode, but it wouldn’t work for the kinect cuz your stuck sitting (or standing) in one place, the Kinect feels so……limited, even tho they make so many promises that its going to be the “Leading Motion Controller of the Future” but anyways, the Kinect still shows promise, just very limited promise.

    #9 3 years ago

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