Making The Old Republic increased BioWare’s respect for Blizzard

Friday, 5th August 2011 01:48 GMT By Brenna Hillier

BioWare intend to rival World of Warcraft with Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the team is full of admiration for Blizzard’s achievements.

“One thing you can say we’ve absolutely learned is, we’ve always respected Blizzard a lot, and I think our respect probably has grown after seeing just how challenging it is to make one of these games,” BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk told IndustryGamers of making The Old Republic.

Not that BioWare is above scooping up those disenchanted by the long-running MMORPG.

“There’s the continued success of WoW, but it’s also been up for a while. There’s actually a lot of people that have played it that aren’t playing it right now and they’re actually very open to MMOs and they’re a great potential audience for us,” he said.

Bioware fully intend to emulate, if not surpass, World of warcraft’s enduring presence.

“You have to make a great game with the right content and social features – that’s our intention, to make people want to play for a long time,” Zeschuk said.

“We offer a great service. We have a lot of people who’ve actually run gaming services for more than a decade; they’re actually on our team, and so having those people on board to actually help us launch our service and make sure that’s reliable and secure is very, very important,

“The ongoing plan for content and actually delivering new things and making people really see that we’re investing in it is very important, we’ll continue to invest in [The Old Republic]. It’s a long term game that’ll change and evolve and will continue to become more interesting.”

The long-anticipated MMORPG still doesn’t have a firm release date, but Zeschuk says the end is in sight.

“We’re nearing the finish line, we have thousands of people testing it. We’re getting ready to launch it,” he said.

“It’s got great potential. I think the interest is there. The quality is there. We’re making sure the service is good and then we’ll see what happens.”



  1. blackdreamhunk

    I am thinking that bio-wares gaming is much more challenging everything will be voiced.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. darksied

    Yeah, I’m just hoping that people CARE about that. I can see it from my point of view: I appreciate all the little touches that developers put into games to make them more fun or realistic or just plain better. But in an MMO? Will people care that every single character has a real voice? Will they see the effort, or just skip through the cutscenes like a lot of MMO people do. BioWare is known for story and dialog, so let’s hope people understand that and don’t play it like a traditional MMO, just for the grind and loot. I mean, it has that, but it has more depth to it too, I’m hoping.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Erthazus

    “Bioware fully intend to emulate, if not surpass, World of warcraft’s enduring presence.”

    Oh yeah… Just don’t even think about with that WOW RIP OFF material. You are going to the road that is with RIFT, with just more popular setting which already started to show death in the near future no matter how it is polished.

    Good Luck Bioware to close this MMO in the near future because once Blizzard new MMO, GW2 or Everquest 3, Warhammer 40K launches no one will need you anymore.

    @1, WOW… such a feature… EVERQUEST 2 was fully voiced.

    No one will care about this feature.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. hives

    I really don’t like term “WoW rip off”. Seriously, what is WoW if not mix of all good ideas and features from previous MMO games? Even after launch it took some features from other games (from Warhammer Online for example).

    In this genre it’s normal thing that some features are the same.

    VO is a great thing, the same is with choices (EQ2 didn’t have that, huh). But the most important thing is setting. Star Wars feel will pull in large crowd.

    I just know I won’t buy this game because it’s TOO similar to other MMO games. And has monthly fee. While Guild Wars 2 offer (I think so) more innovation and has no fee :P

    #4 3 years ago
  5. YoungZer0

    People will play it, because it’s A.) From Bioware and B.) It’s Star Wars.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. endgame

    @2 “I’m just hoping that people CARE about that.” playing something that is fully voiced and this being a Bioware game where story is very exciting and captivating is a huge difference to something like, say, WoW which is boring as f**k.

    @5 exactly! worst case scenario we will at least give it a go for a month or two. maybe even finish the story with at least 1 class.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. hives

    @5 – Sure, people will play it. The question is – how long they will be willing to pay subscription? :P I’m afraid that after couple of months, the “Star Wars magic” will float away and people will see, that TOR is really similar to other MMO games. Because – let’s be honest – full voice-over? Fun! But only for couple of days – then you’re hitting max level and you want endgame…

    #7 3 years ago
  8. viralshag

    @ 2, I had the same sort of worries but the more I read info and watch trailers for the game I’m starting to think people will give in to the story side of it.

    I’m a huge non-quest-reader in MMOs but I love playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I can’t help but think I will definitely sit there, watch and interact as the story progresses.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. viralshag

    @7, How does the voice acting effect the endgame? Paying the subscription is probably the last thing MMOers, or at least the ones I know, actually care about. It comes down to the content and whether the game is continually fun or not.

    All MMOs are similar and as much as I am looking forward to GW2 and what that will bring, I’m sure that will also end up feeling the same as other MMOs.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. sebbie16

    My problem with WOW, that everybody tries to compare MMOs to, is the fact on how ridiculously simple it is. A freaking monkey could play that shit and be good at it. Have any MMO come out that requires a bit more work or don’t have the constant reward of items and it will not do so well. Whatever psychologists they have know very well on how to manipulate human addiction tendencies.

    #10 3 years ago

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