Sony: PS Store to recieve updates “multiple times per week” when returned

Monday, 16th May 2011 20:03 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Sony has confirmed this evening that it’ll launch “multiple” updates for the PlayStation Store “per week” once it returns.

In an FAQ posted on the US PS Blog, the reason for the multiple updates to the store was to catch-up on missed content and missed store publishes, of which it had missed three whilst PSN was down.

“To date, three Tuesday publishes were missed, which included items like Under Siege and the MotorStorm Apocalypse demo,” it reads.

“Rest assured that you won’t miss any of this great content. To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored. We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.”

Following a three week blackout due to an external intrusion by hackers, PSN was partially restored over the weekend worldwide, with online play among the services returning. Sony confirmed PS Store would remain down for now, but said at a Tokyo press conference a couple of weeks back it would return at some point this month.



  1. Gama_888

    I think you missed out a word in the title :)

    #1 4 years ago
  2. LOLshock94

    fucking hell these updates take the piss all a ps3 does is update

    #2 4 years ago
  3. PapaJustify

    #2 what are you even talking about? Its about the weekly store updates, not a firmware update.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. BloodyJoe

    when there will be Beyond Good & Evil?

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Fin

    Ye accidentally a word.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. LOLshock94

    yeah but it still updates

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Phoenixblight


    You seem to be confusing firmware updates and PSN store updates. There is no downloading involved with the PSN updates. Did you just buy a PS3 or something?

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Gekidami

    He’s being stoopid on purpose.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Phoenixblight

    Sometimes I wonder….

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Gama_888

    @7 He’s just being a troll. Pay him no attention

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Johnny Cullen

    @1 I know. It just took a while to figure out (mostly because I was looking for a 360 headset for Brink action). It’s fixed anyways.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Heitzu

    The welcome back gifts for europe announced on PS Blog

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Elite_1989

    @12 The page comes up as not found. Could you post what the details are please

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Heitzu

    Yeah they just removed it, it said:
    Two PS3 games from the following list:
    Wipeout HD/Fury
    Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
    Dead Nation*

    For those with PSP accounts, you will also be eligible to download two PSP games from the following list:
    LittleBigPlanet PSP
    ModNation PSP
    Pursuit Force
    Killzone Liberation*

    For eligibility for the welcome back programme consumers must be an account holder on 20 April 2011. Specific details about these offers and eligibility requirements will be posted as the services go live. All existing PSN registrants have 30 days from when the welcome back programme goes live to redeem their content.

    For the German market, InFamous and Dead Nation will be replace with Super Stardust HD and Hustle Kings in the selection of PS3 games.

    For the German market, Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation will be replaced with Everybody’s Golf 2 and Buzz Junior Jungle Party in the selection of PSP games. Killzone Liberation will not offer online gameplay functionality.

    Access to the 30 days free PS Plus subscription is only available for those countries where PS Plus is offered. You will have access to the PS Plus content planned for May for 30 days. Access to the free games and exclusive features finishes at the end of the 30-day subscription period. Anything you buy with exclusive discounts, dynamic themes and premium avatars are yours to keep forever.

    But they may have made a mistake if they’ve taken it down.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Elite_1989

    Thanks :) Going off that info, I already have all those games except Wipeout, I would prefer Hustle Kings Germany is getting as the 2nd game.

    #15 4 years ago
  16. NeoSquall

    Well, I’ll probably get Dead Nation and either one between LBP and Wipeout HD
    If I’ll be able to download a game for the PSP too, I think I’ll get LBP.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. HeavenlyGamer

    @ Heitzu

    Thanks man! What a coincidence, I was hoping Wipeout HD would be one of those free games! :)

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Gama_888

    I allready have InFamous and LBP :-/

    Guess itll be wipeout and dead nation

    they have just announced the north america one on the blog aswell

    #18 4 years ago
  19. AHA-Lambda

    i cant say i really want any of those but free’s free and it is nice of them anyway just nothing to tickle my fancy =/

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Nozz

    I have all of them except Ratchet and Clank. And ALL of them are very good games!

    #20 4 years ago
  21. xino

    ok SCEE just announced the list of “Welcome Back, You owe us £50″ free games.
    And guess what? I was right, once again Wip3out fury is on the list.

    these guys are p*ssing me off man!
    every f*king time they keep giving out free wipeout!
    we already have the freaking game man!

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Gama_888

    What are they going t do with the PSN+ stuff that should have been put up? Put it up and just leave it on there for an extra month?

    #22 4 years ago
  23. reask

    Yeah I have 3 of them so R/C and dead nation for me.
    Funny I was looking at thee R/C games the other day and they were getting great reviews so an opportunity to try it out.
    Whats dead nation like?

    #23 4 years ago
  24. ReeceHeywood

    @LOLshock94, it only does EVERYTHING.

    #24 4 years ago
  25. McLovin85

    @23 Dead Nation is awesome man. Great fun and you also get quite a big game for the price that you pay (obviously for you it’s free). It looks really good and some of the game mechanics are really cool such as blowing up cars and setting zombies on fire.

    I also have 3/5 of those games on the list so I will get the other 2 that I don’t have which are Quest for Booty and Wipeout HD.

    I’m just looking forward to having PS Store back as I miss getting demos etc.

    #25 4 years ago
  26. fouzi fayaz

    fuck this games
    y they dont put gud games like mgs 4

    #26 4 years ago
  27. Moonwalker1982

    I already got inFamous, Quest for booty too and LBP as well. I guess i should go for Dead Nation and Wipeout then.

    #27 4 years ago
  28. Phoenixblight


    Same reason why you don’t learn to type correctly because they can.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. Blerk

    Will multiple updates a week actually help? All the queued PSN content will just end up standing on each others toes and ruining each others’ sales, surely?

    #29 4 years ago

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