Sony: PS Store to recieve updates “multiple times per week” when returned

Monday, 16 May 2011 20:03 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Sony has confirmed this evening that it’ll launch “multiple” updates for the PlayStation Store “per week” once it returns.

In an FAQ posted on the US PS Blog, the reason for the multiple updates to the store was to catch-up on missed content and missed store publishes, of which it had missed three whilst PSN was down.

“To date, three Tuesday publishes were missed, which included items like Under Siege and the MotorStorm Apocalypse demo,” it reads.

“Rest assured that you won’t miss any of this great content. To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored. We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.”

Following a three week blackout due to an external intrusion by hackers, PSN was partially restored over the weekend worldwide, with online play among the services returning. Sony confirmed PS Store would remain down for now, but said at a Tokyo press conference a couple of weeks back it would return at some point this month.