SEGA: Aliens vs Predator sequel not being considered right now

Friday, 13th May 2011 09:44 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Sega has said production on an Aliens vs Predator sequel isn’t currently being considered right now.

CEO of the publisher’s western arm Mike Hayes told Eurogamer, following news yesterday that Creative Assembly was to create a console title revolving around the Alien world, that there could be “a lot more” to do before a chance of a sequel came up.

“[AVP] was so successful that naturally you would think you want to do a sequel,” said Hayes. “But we already had Aliens: Colonial Marines in the pipeline at Gearbox.

“The Aliens universe is so interesting that there are different things that we can do before we go back to an idea of sequelisation,” he added.

“There’s a lot more we can do first before we would consider doing a sequel on AVP.”

AvP launched last February from Rebellion.



  1. Blerk

    Hopefully the guys doing those fuck-awful movies are thinking along the same lines.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Christopher Jack

    Loved the game, in fact, I’ve been playing it all day, completed the Alien & Predator campaigns & am literally starting the Marine one right now-can’t wait til PSN is back up, the MP is awesome when you get a decent amount of players with minimal lag.
    IMO the game was incredibly underrated, campaign is alright at best but the MP performs well against the big boys in my opinion.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. dtyk

    I thought it was awful. Totally didn’t learn from the awesome AVP2. Also, they took out the predator combat spear. Like, really? You can only throw it?

    I’m glad they aren’t planning one more… one less game that Sega is going to butcher.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Gadzooks!

    The atmosphere and looks of AvP were great.

    Unfortunately the actual gameplay was seeping gash.

    Dont ever want a sequel, thanks.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Christopher Jack

    Despite the mediocre reviews that the game recieved & the awful reviews that the movies recieved, I think that both of them have potential for great sequels, if done by the right studios.
    Don’t get me, wrong, i’ve, loved many of Rebbelion’s games but the industry, as it is right now, it’s either go AAA or go small & I just don’t think that Rebellion has the right stuff to pull out a AAA game.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. TheWulf

    You don’t even need the predator, toss that concept out the window and just stick with the aliens and the marines, and concentrate on creating an alien that looks, feels, and plays right. If Natural Selection can do this as a mod, then why can’t so many high-falutin (I finally got to use that, and I’m not even sure that I know what it means) mainstream developers?

    Really though, aliens versus marines games are fun. Natural Selection is a blast, Tremulous is pretty damned great, and Natural Selection 2 is shaping up to do this sort of thing pretty damned well too. And there you have one mod, one open source project, and one independent developer.

    Mainstream: Try harder!

    #6 4 years ago
  7. LOLshock94

    reason why it was shit is that it was giving a 1 year making if they had longer time im sure it will be good

    #7 4 years ago

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