Thief 4 development begins winding up

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 23:41 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution team has been ousted from its comfortable digs in the Eidos Montreal studio, to make room for the Thief 4 group.

“We’ve ramped down, they’ve ramped up,” Human Revolution’s art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete told Eurogamer.

“The main production floor is occupied by them now. We’re occupying a lesser space.”

It’s not that the Deus Ex team have moved on to a new project – Jacques-Belletete said the two teams are wholly distinct. For example, he himself has no input in Thief 4.

Still, he’s enthusiastic.

“It’s a really kickass team, some great people,” he said.

“The Art Director is a good friend of mine, and it’s in really good hands.”

He refused to be drawn on details but did say the game would “rock your shorts”. We believe it.

Thief 4 has been confirmed by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix but has not been officially revealed. A mysterious off-screen image is all we have to go on at the moment. If only there were some massive industry event over the next few months it could be debuted at.