“We want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence or a lucky shot,” says Cage

Thursday, 17th March 2011 17:53 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Winning BAFTAs last night for Story, Technical Innovation, and Music, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream was rather pleased, and none more so than David Cage.

Speaking with Spong last night following the wins, Cage has this to say about the firm’s foothold in interactive storytelling: “We created the genre. We own the genre, and we want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence or a lucky shot – that it was really something that makes sense and that we can build on.”

However, Cage is still intent on not making a sequel to Heavy Rain, despite its many accolades.

“I made that very clear before knowing whether the game would be a success or a failure, because I want to show that it’s really a genre,” he said. “Which means that you can use a similar drama to tell any type of story in any genre and in any style.

“So, we are going to explore different directions. Still very dark, still for adults, but completely different from Heavy Rain. We want to satisfy our fans, but we want to surprise them too. That’s our challenge.”

During his talk earlier this month at GDC, Cage reiterated that the two projects Quantic is working on are “very different” animals.



  1. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    How about just finishing the unfinished DLC? I enjoyed the game and the first DLC.

    Move version got crap reviews anyway..

    #1 4 years ago
  2. KAP

    My reply to cage is, then build a game with a complete story without HUUUUUUUUGE potholes mate.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Psychotext

    Yeah… pretty much what the first two posters said.

    Everyone cut them some slack for the plot holes because we were told DLC was coming, and most of us hoped they’d hack some sort of solution to them in there…

    …not so much though obviously.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. onlineatron

    I really, really like Heavy Rain… But the story was inexcusable.

    How it won the BAFTA is beyond me.

    I want to see my games like it, games that base their narrative in mudane situations, but they need to have tighter scripts!

    Here’s hoping Cage brings a writer in for the next game.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. itsucks

    what a dumbfuck, of course it isn’t a one hit flop, Fahranheit was already terrible with the most horrible storyline ever. Fahranheit 2 a.k.a. heavy rain was poised to be like it.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Wesker

    “We want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence or a lucky shot”

    But it was. Just because of the graphics. Duh!

    #6 4 years ago
  7. speedxl01

    Well deserved, Heavy Rain is a superb game, I´m waiting for their next game.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Bluscope

    Despite the plot-holes, I really enjoyed heavy rain. Definitely deserved to win in music and tech innovation, Not so sure about the story being award winning, but I at least felt connected to the characters.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. osric90

    Those plot-holes are due to a complex, multi-path story, they are obvious and almost unavoidable… even the dumbest man in the world would figure it out.

    David Cage is saving videogames along with many other geniuses in the industry. Why? Because he’s not making stupid point and shoot FPS, dumb-ass fighting games or those damn sandboxes all around that make no more sense than a very, very plot-hole. Don’t be so square and go try write a 2.000 script for a single game yourselves and try to direct actors and others to be 100% constant in every single variation.

    PS: Did you know that Heavy Rain was edited a lot and almost a quarter of its content went away before releasing? Hope that mysterious “Director’s Cut” comes one day. And about graphics, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves still hold the “best graphics of the current generation”… and I totally agree, Heavy Rain’s graphics were awesome but too glitchy and unconstant.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. aprotosis

    Cage is being a douche. You created a genre? Are they retarded or just ignorant of video game history? Games completely driven by narrative and choice have been around since the 80s. All they did was give it a modern graphical shine and employ current technology to give them the more content. Fundamentally there is nothing different between their QTE-style system and the Verb-Object system employed by old SCUMM engine games. And there is nothing you did in Heavy Rain that Shenmue didn’t do better aside from the obvious graphical changes.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Network

    David Cage is a pompous twat making money off poor souls who never read a decent book in their life. Button mashing sex and banal stories certainly aren’t helping the gaming industry.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. daytripper

    how this got an award for story i dont know, some terrible dialouge aswell. great concept for the game and the way its played but the voice acting/script really let it down.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Psychotext

    “Those plot-holes are due to a complex, multi-path story, they are obvious and almost unavoidable… even the dumbest man in the world would figure it out.”

    Funny, because a bunch of us on a forum worked out ways around 90% of them. Others were so batshit mental (and no, nothing to do with multi-path stories) that they were impossible to fathom without going just as far down the batshit trail.

    If they’d have brought in a couple of decent editors they’d have rounded out all but the niggliest stuff (not even talking about the “trick” scene here btw)… but apparently Cage’s colossal ego wouldn’t allow for it. Hell, I’d wager the cuts he made caused half the problems.

    I think Network probably has it right. The people lauding the quality of the story have likely never read a decent book in their lives.

    Edit – After reading that back I feel like I should say that I did enjoy the game, quite a bit as it goes (I got the platinum on it too)… but that doesn’t excuse some appalling story telling in places.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. nikk900

    Well despite what most people here are saying, I thought it was an amazing game and I couldn’t put it down. I’m not sure about the ‘plot holes’ though.

    I did follow the story very closely and I think if you take certain paths it might not make sence unless you play it again and take a different path. I guess thay just expected us to do multiple play throughs.

    #14 4 years ago

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