Capps: Fox News scandal good for Bulletstorm, bad for everyone else

Friday, 11 March 2011 03:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Mike Capps has commented that the Fox News controversy probably boosted new IP Bulletstorm’s sales, but mourned the wider implications for the industry.

“For a game that’s over-the-top, they probably helped sell more units than they convinced people to pick at us,” the Epic Games president told Industry Gamers.

“What was most exciting about it for me [was the reaction from the media in the industry defending us]. Every journalist said this Fox report is junk… It’s wonderful to see a media that’s defending free speech.”

But Capps is concerned with more than sales of just one game.

“As for what it does for the industry as a whole I think it’s terrible. There are people who really respect Fox News’ opinions and look at that and are [convinced that video games are bad].”

Bulletstorm made a strong showing in its first month of sales, according to the most recent NPD figures.

Thanks, That Video Game Blog.