Microsoft changes Kinect Christmas forecast from 3 million to 5 million

Wednesday, 3rd November 2010 17:54 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Microsoft has looked ahead to Christmas and has decided it will see 5 million Kinect units instead of the previously forecasted 3 million.

According to Bloomberg’s Dina Bass, who broke the news on Twitter, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said the launch of the peripheral and the projected 5 million in sales would “make Kinect the biggest Xbox product launch ever in terms of sales”.

Back in September, Aaron Greeberg said the firm expected to sell 3 million units of the new tech. Guess it expects 2 million more, now.

Kinect is out in the US tomorrow, and Europe on November 10.

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  1. Psychotext


    #1 4 years ago
  2. Michael O’Connor

    Man, this is going to get interesting.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. DrDamn

    Noticed Game are taking deposits for “guaranteed before Christmas but not launch” now.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Dannybuoy

    Maybe they just made a whole lot more?

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Erthazus

    Fantastic video proves what is kinect.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Razor

    Maybe Mattrick is buying a couple of million?

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Cee

    So they expect to make over half a billion in the run up/ during the festive period

    #7 4 years ago
  8. DrDamn

    Accidentally like? Found them down the back of the sofa?

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Psychotext

    “So they expect to make over half a billion in the run up/ during the festive period”

    Revenue? They made nearly $3bn revenue last year in the “holidays”. They’ll do significantly more this year.

    Profit? Yeah, they’ll probably do half a billion profit in the division this quarter.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. M2Kx

    This is just beyond us “normal” gamers. It’s just crazy.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. lexph3re

    I have stopped caring. I have gotten to the point where I realise if people want to be lab rats. Then so be it, hopefully it doesn’t over shadow the development in more hardcore titles. Making hardcore titles more accessible takes away the fact that the over the top difficulty pushed your skills to the limit.

    The dark sim on perfect dark upgraded the hell out of my experience in fps’s. But, if the casual person wants a peacesim to fight all the time so be it. Just seperate our games. I will gladly except seggregation in gaming if people except these watered down games.

    Let the casuals have theirs and let the harcore. Have theirs. Eventually, we will meet in the middle.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Michael O’Connor

    @11 It’s always hilarious seeing people calling other people “lab rats” simply because they choose to follow a different line of thought than they do, like they’re some sort of divinely wise human being and everyone else is just ignorant.

    Spare us.

    “Let the casuals have theirs and let the harcore have theirs.”

    That’s the way it’s been for the past five years. Why people are acting like this is something new is beyond me. Did the Wii stop us from having all those great, core games that appeal to the long time gamers? NO!

    We’ve been spoilt for choice and quality this generation, on both sides.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Psychotext

    Of course, funny thing is that most of the “hardcore” gamers complaining now were nothing more than the casuals of the day going 5 or 10 years, playing their casual entry drug games… FIFA, PES, Madden, CoD, NFS and whatnot.

    I remember the same shit then, and I’m sure that the next time gaming finds a way to expand we’ll see the same once more (already happening with facebook / mobile gaming etc).

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Michael O’Connor

    @13 Most of them seem to forget that when they were sitting down with Sonic, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot, the “big boys” were busy blowing each other’s heads off in Duke Nukem, Quake, etc.

    Everyone starts off somewhere.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Patrick Garratt

    Lest we forget. Good luck with the launch, Microsoft –

    #15 4 years ago
  16. theevilaires

    Another day of Natal another day of people coming to defend it….(a piece of plastic right ;) ) Can’t wait until this is out so you all can have fun with skittles and shut up.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. Michael O’Connor

    Another day of Kinect, another meaningless post by TEA.

    @15 As silly as they look, you can’t deny they’re enjoying themselves, right?

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Psychotext

    Hey TEA, are you another one of these elitist assholes that would rather see gaming remain ultra hardcore, exclude everyone who isn’t already a gamer and then watch as it wither and dies? Didn’t you start gaming in the playstation days… you know, when gaming moved from having an ultra hardcore PC focus to a more accessible and inclusive console focus.

    I’m assuming that you’re taking defence of “casual gaming” as defence of Kinect… in which case you’d be gravely mistaken.

    #18 4 years ago
  19. theevilaires

    ^ so sad you two :( Is there any NATAL article you guys haven’t posted in these past two weeks….we get it you like no button motion games. You think NATAL rocks…..ok thats great….for you!

    You don’t have to do damage control in every NATAL article.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Michael O’Connor

    @18 Psycho, you’ve been here almost as long as I have. Do you even *need* to ask him that question?

    TEA is what one would tend to call a “macho man”.

    @19 We’re not defending Kinect, you halfwit. We’re defending casual gaming as a whole, and the fact that it actually have a valid place in the industry.


    #20 4 years ago
  21. Psychotext

    @19: Umm… you might want to take a look at the other Kinect article that’s currently on the front page. Does that look like “damage control”?

    Actually, why am I even replying to you? You’re always looking to start something, and frankly I can’t be arsed.

    #21 4 years ago
  22. theevilaires

    I’m was all for NATAL but after reading the new user agreement where M$ has the right to spy on you through the camera hell no I’m not getting it.

    @21 please don’t be bothered this whole site knows you back M$ and everything they do till the ends of time. They could sell you a milkshake full with cows shit and you’d think it was the best thing ever.

    @20… need JESUS….you need him bad :D

    I have MOVE so how am I against casual gaming. Oh btw boys please post pics of your NATAL playing area. I’m dying to see what environment you guys are playing this in. I “HIGHLY DOUBT” its one of those M$ friendly NATAL set up rooms eh…oh I mean innit ;) :D

    #22 4 years ago
  23. freedoms_stain

    @22, really, which clause is that in?

    #23 4 years ago
  24. theevilaires


    #24 4 years ago
  25. theevilaires

    @23 seems there’s a glitch or Garratt doesn’t want me posting links to the truth here. :( Just Google it.

    #25 4 years ago
  26. Michael O’Connor

    @24 Or maybe you’re just paranoid.


    #26 4 years ago
  27. Jan

    @theevilaires you got a Wii that must be a TOTALLY new experience…. or wait its not, bin there done that 4 years ago. but sry i think you miss the hole point with this

    #27 4 years ago
  28. freedoms_stain

    @24, the offending sections (9 and 12) don’t really appear to be any more privacy invasive than that of Skype or any other similar service.

    There does seem to be the implication that Microsoft could, if they so chose, access Kinect at any time while connected to your xbox whether it’s in use or not though, which is slightly concerning.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. OlderGamer

    “…which is slightly concerning.”

    To say the least.

    #29 4 years ago
  30. Khanivor

    /Bon Jovi on

    And you give hardcore a bad name, bad name

    /Bon Jovi off

    #30 4 years ago
  31. NiceFellow

    Surely this is to cover the Burger King promo?

    #31 4 years ago
  32. Gama_888

    kinect for me is just another wii. when people first buy it therell be all,2hey wow check this out isnt it great!!”
    then 2 months later they will look on top of their tv to see the £130 they just threw down the drain, BECAUSE THEY WONT USE IT ANYMORE!!!

    #32 4 years ago
  33. theevilaires

    It is a totally new experience for me Jan. Its nice to play something “accurate and fun” while motion based. Also the HD graphics are easy on the eyes too. :D

    And my first post wasn’t in response to the article but more directed at the M$ defense force that have been riding through each NATAL article acting as the crusaders. Go get NATAL, play it and shut up. Isn’t that what they use to tell me about the PS3?

    XBOT1: TEA go play your PS3 and shut up
    XBOT2: Yea go away troll

    Ok why can’t the same be said for these two knuckle heads…oh its a M$ product and we can let it slide.

    (Quietly goes back to finishing my XBOX360 review)

    #33 4 years ago
  34. Michael O’Connor

    @32 You telling other people to shut up for expressing an opinion on something you don’t like is the most hilariously hypocritical bullshit I have seen on this website since Shatner was the “in” thing.

    #34 4 years ago
  35. theevilaires

    For your info I have never said I wanted NATAL to fail or didn’t like it. The whole M$ can (and will) spy on you thing just creeps me out to never buying the thing. As for the people who keep popping up in these articles repeating themselves 90 million times why?

    Why do you give a flying horse shoe if a PC fanboy like Ethrazus is bashing NATAL. Quotes like “Its funny seeing how afraid people are of this” (NATAL) is just so pathetic. No one is afraid of this new motion based gaming that M$ is pimping. Its you who are afraid that your beloved company of choice may fall victim of the bashing and negative comments by hardcore and some casual gamers.

    I’m all for some easy 30 minute casual gaming here and there, but I don’t want M$ spying on me and thats why I’m not personally getting this anymore. Some of you may recall my using a pre paid credit card tactic to get XBOX LIVE rather dishing my own account to M$. I just don’t trust them as a company. Not after the RROD and other security issues (verbally reverse engineer to access live accounts get the fuck outta here) they have had with the XBOX360 this gen.

    oooh and yes same goes for SONY….so shut it please. I really do hope those guys who defend NATAL so much have a great time with it…….just please stop crying and trying to convince the hardcore its ok to be casual when clearly they don’t want to.

    P.S. O’Connor I would love to see M$ record your activity with NATAL, you and your tranny girlfriend oh boy that would be very comical :D I’m sure some retard at M$ will hit a wrong button and that shit will broadcast over the net exposing you and the real meaning behind “PROJECT NATAL” :D

    #35 4 years ago
  36. Michael O’Connor

    Microsoft are not going to spy on you, you paranoid nutjob.

    You know… for a second there you were almost, *almost* making a valid argument. Then you posted that last paragraph and completely killed it.

    #36 4 years ago
  37. lexph3re

    @micheal sorry my reply is late I’m at work. But, yes I do consider the first. Wave of purchasers lab rats. I consider it that for. All things. From the launch of sega saturn to. Now.(although I was also playing those consoles early because my mother was the lab rat at the time for I didn’t have a job)

    I don’t buy tech within the first 3-8mnths of launch due to the factor of rushed and failed merchandise and a lack of a release collectiion of games. The only console I was eager to buy without extensive wait was… nothing. I always let others weed out the bad. Its one reason why I’ve been able to avoid the rrod crisis that took place. I waited 6 mnths before I bought my ps3 slim to see future failures and offerrings. When I had bought my first ps3 it was because I had a connect on the inside of gamestop. Who bought it then I bought it from him.(200 when the 40gb was 400)

    So, even now with the 360s and kinect I will let others filter out the flaws if any. But, microsoft already pointed out the flaw for my purchase. They’re initial targets, that let me know the quality they are putting into the device itself. So,yes everyone are lab rats to me.

    And, as for the casual and hardcore being seperate I’ve established that in the past on a different thread to you. Remember the wii version of nfs. I will face them when their ready to upgrade. Which won’t be long, and so you know my gaming origins go back to nintendo-now so I’m completely aware of the casual to hardcore market. Doesn’t change the anger I feel when rehash and clunky hardware beats out new and TRUE innovation. But, innovation is in the eye of the beholder now and days.

    #37 4 years ago
  38. back_up

    2 millions in the butt of sony

    #38 4 years ago
  39. Kuwabara


    #39 4 years ago
  40. Blerk

    This thread is going well, I see!

    5 million is a lot. They must be pretty confident.

    #40 4 years ago
  41. Ge0force

    5 million people will buy Kinect, only 1% of them will keep using it. Dashboard navigation is slow, games are boring… it’s just bad use of a great technology.

    #41 4 years ago
  42. Callum

    I’d love to see how they worked this stuff out?
    Listening on all xboxlive chat and scanning all outlook emails maybe? lol :)

    #42 4 years ago
  43. ARFarokhi

    #38 + 1

    #43 4 years ago
  44. polygem

    i´m not buying it.

    #44 4 years ago

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