Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep “could’ve been” KH III, says Square

Friday, 18 June 2010 16:53 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Kingdom Hearts Birth By  Sleep

Square Enix has told RPGSite during E3 that, due to the sheer scope of the game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep may have been known as Kingdom Hearts III.

The site was told by company PR reps during a hands-on title that the title is just as massive as Kingdom Hearts I and II for PS2.

“This isn’t just some handheld spin-off,” a rep told the site. “This game is so massive, it’s easily as big the two PS2 titles.┬áThis game could’ve been called Kingdom Hearts III and the fans wouldn’t have been any the wiser.”

As far as actual Kingdom Hearts III went, Square could not make it any more clearer.

“Right now, Kingdom Hearts III isn’t in development, but this is a popular series.”

That’s that. The end. Fin. For now.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep releases on September 10 for PSP.