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Square Godzillas Tokyo: FFXIII-2 announced, Agito XIII renamed, Versus XIII stays PS3-exclusive


Square Enix has just wrapped up its First Production Unit event, where it announced FFXIII-2 and a renaming of Agito XIII to Type-0.

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Fabula Nova Crystallis grows, changes

The junket saw a full line-up of software shown by the publisher, but the main event was obviously Fabula Nova Crystallis, the series which contains FFXIII, Versus and Agito.

FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed the development of Final Fantasy XIII-2 The game was announced for a 2011 release in Japan for PS3 and 360.

The game was later confirmed for a launch in the US and Europe "next winter".

A trailer has been promised for Thursday. Square's asked us to pull the trailers that have already appared online, but here's the information from what we saw in a private stream of the event.

The trailer kicks off with a pretty spoilerific scene for those who have not completed FFXIII yet. So we won't mention that here.

After that, Lightning is then seen with new armour and weaponry before fighting a new character.

It's probable this will be Lightning's new enemy.

ff type 0 logo

The conference's other big news was that Final Fantasy Agito XIII is now known as Final Fantasy Type-0.

It will launch this summer in Japan for PSP on two UMDs.

There was no western date.

A trailer was shown. Here's what was in it.

The movie begins with dialog and a huge city being invaded. A city skyline is shown. A leader is then heard giving a speech to troops before invading more land, which seems to be the Peristerium School of Magic where the game takes place. More dialog is also heard.

A small clip of in-engine footage is then seen before showing more CG footage. We then see gameplay. The clip is a good minute long, We then seeing a troop being attacked out of nowhere before more gameplay footage is shown.

The game seems to be on par of that of Crisis Core: FFVII. More in-engine cut-scenes are then shown, featuring a girl and a young-looking male. The final clip shows what appears to be a resistance group from the school rising up against the invading forces.

The new title of Type-0 is then revealed as is its summer 2011 Japanese release.

Afterwards, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Hajime Tabata talked about the game.

versus xiii logo

A long, new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was also shown. But unlike Agito, there was no renaming.

The trailer begins with voice acting from Noctis in a car. The driver also speaks dialogue. The setting seems to be somewhere which looks very similar to Japan. They're pulled up at a checkpoint by armed soldiers. This scene is in CG. Fantastic CG, it must be said.

In-engine footage is then shown of Noctis and lead female Stella. The scene between them, unlike the open scene, remains voiceless. The scene is based in the art gallery seen in past trailers.

It then shows someone in a suit talking, again voiceless, and sitting on a throne, before showing a city skyline and rolling into real-time gameplay.

Invading forces are then seen entering the gallery before showing the city under attack. The HUD display is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts.

The monster shown in the TGS showreel clip of the game then appears and fights Noctis.

We then see a green outland where Noctis battles against wild creatures. A day and night cycle is then shown before Noctis enters into a tank.

We revert back into the city environments as Noctis enters into a mech. A unknown character then appears in front of Noctis after jumping off a building. Japanese media suggests this could be Stella. We then see two unknown characters face-off against one another.

Trailer ends with Noctis getting off his throne and saying something we can't understand.

It was confirmed at the end that the long-awaited RPG will remain as a PS3 exclusive.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS renamed, Dissidia updated


The publisher also showed a video of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep: Final Mix for PSP. This is the international version's Japanese release.

Square producer Shinji Hashimoto arrived on stage with two voice-actors who acted as MCs for the event. He also mentioned previously confirmed release dates of BBS: Final Mix - launcing tomorrow in Japan - as well as Final Fantasy V on Virtual Console today and Final Fantasy IV: The Collection on March 24.

Hashimoto then announced that the two main Square development teams in Tokyo and Osaka have merged together to be one larger group. It won't mean they'll work on the same games, however.

Tai Yasue, Birth By Sleep's director, showed up on stage to show off a new video of Kingdom Hearts 3DS. It now has a full title: Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.

Square also explained how 3D will be used as an aid for flying, falling, jumping, and so on.

Next up: Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy. Director Takahashi Mitsunori appeared on stage. A new video was shown.

Square confirmed that the voice actor of Yuna in Final Fantasy X, Mayuko Aoki, will voice the character once again in Dissdia 012.

Mitsunori said that it would add "as many characters as they can" to the actioner before its March release in Japan.

A demo of the fighter, Dissidia 012 Prologus, was then announced. It's a premium demo for PSP, but is bigger then a normal demo. It's available today for ¥300.

Two new fighters were confirmed for the game: Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V and Prishe from Final Fantasy XI.

Square said that Aeris from FFVII will appear in the game as a support character if you buy Prologus.

And that's that. Consider your Final Fantasy side filled.

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