GI nukes AvP with 5.75/10 – just to be sure

Monday, 8 February 2010 19:02 GMT By Patrick Garratt


If the first Aliens Vs Predator review’s a sign of things to come, Rebellion had best be dug in like an Alabama tick for the next few weeks.

Game Informer’s given the shooter a tooth-sucking 5.75/10, saying, “We have a title trying to live off the fumes of two dormant franchises.”

You can read a scan here, and see Game Rankings has now updated (thanks, mington).

Rebellion’s having a rough time of launching, it seems. Last week’s multiplayer demo – on PC and PS3, at least – came unstuck with long waiting times for matchmaking, forcing the developer to apologise.

Whatever happens from this point in, it won’t be Sega’s fault – the PR team’s been pumping out more movies than a Bollywood speed festival in recent weeks. There really have been too many to post.

Jesse Ventura didn’t have time to bleed; let’s hope the same applies to all involved here.

The game’s out on February 19 for PC, 360 and PS3.