Awakening to raise Dragon Age level cap into the “mid-to-high 30s”

Thursday, 7 January 2010 21:37 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


The level cap for recently-announced add-on Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening will extend to somewhere in the mid-to-high 30s, according to BioWare.

Should you not have a character to import into the expansion, Bioware’s Fernando Melo has assured it will not be an issue – you’ll have the option to create a new one between level 17-20.

Melo also told IGN (via Joystiq) that players will gain new followers, which will impact imported characters as choices you’ve made in Origins carry over – as will the decisions you make in Awakening should you decide to play it first.

You’ll also be able to reboot your character’s skill points through a tome, allowing you to retain your level while rehashing your traits.

There’s tons more through the link, but if you wish to remain in the dark until its March 16 release, be warned that it contains a few spoilers.