Japanese Chinatown Wars is first DS game to receive Z rating

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 00:10 GMT By Nathan Grayson


It appears that GTA: Chinatown Wars’ Japanese jaunt won’t be quite as uneventful as originally planned. According to Siliconera, the game will be the first to have its hide branded with a CERO Z rating, the equivalent of an AO in the US, or an 18+ in Europe.

Monumental though it may be, the news isn’t really all that surprising, as it’s only inheriting GTA’s Japanese mantle. Thus far, all GTA games have been rated CERO Z in Japan.

This doesn’t bode all that well for Chinatown Wars eventual sales in Japan, though. After all, the audience that visibly brightens every time someone mentions “Brain Training” probably isn’t much into splattering said brains on the pavement. Chinatown Wars, will you ever find a loving home?