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What Retro Game Do You Still Play Regularly?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Mario 3? Planescape Torment? StarCraft? We want to know what classic games are still in your regular rotation.

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Welcome to the USG Community Question! This week, we look back into the past and ask our loyal readers, "What retro game do you still play regularly?" Maybe you still have the odd hankering for a classic 1v1 Doom Deathmatch. Maybe you're apt to break out Planescape Torment or X-wing. Maybe you're like Kat and still play Star Fox 64 once per year. So what retro game is still in your rotation? Here's what our staff has to say.

Eric Van Allen, News Editor

I’ve never been much of a physical game collector, outside a few cherished memories. But one of those I still hold onto is The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I still have the original Game Boy that my dad got me, along with a copy of Link’s Awakening, well-worn but still trucking.

Link’s Awakening is reflective of a big milestone in my gaming career—my first Zelda, first game I could really call my own, first console of my own—and it’s also just a brilliant game. I love a good traipse through Hyrule as much as anybody, but my love for Nintendo stems from the weird stuff like Link’s Awakening. It’s a dreamlike journey that’s charming and sometimes haunting to this day, and the love fans have for it is reflected in how painstakingly faithful the upcoming remake is. I will happily play through it again on the Switch, but that one Game Boy cart will always hold a special place in my heart.

Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

I'll play almost any SNES Classic game you put in my hands. That little console has such a great RPG line-up, plus its action games are top-notch. Mega Man X stands up as one of those games I revisit and play through just for the hell of it, because all the running, shooting, and sliding feels so nice.

If I had to take a tally on the game I've come back to most often, though, something tells me Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would come out as the winner. I just love everything that game has to offer. Its graphics are great (32-bit sprites forever), its music is off the charts, and there's a sense of enormity that even the best modern Metroidvania games lack. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love visiting the Inverted Castle. It's really cool how the deepest catacombs wind up floating in the sky. Dracula does not mess around when it comes to Opposite Day.

Mike Williams, Staff Writer

Final Fantasy Tactics. I've written about it numerous times for the site, but it's one of the few games I've purchased on multiple platforms over and over again through the years. (The other one is Street Fighter Alpha 3.) The tactics genre doesn't really need too much to be great, and FFT nails all of the basics. It's got a great job system with a ton of flexibility in character builds, even if the best job is Monk with dual wield. Combat is pretty straightforward, and the Final Fantasy flavor is a welcome addition

I also admit that I'm just a big fan of the story crafted for Final Fantasy Tactics. The Zodiac Brave Story was a revelation for me, a mix of noble intrigued, politics, religious conflict, and magic. Up until that point, I had pretty much interacted with basic fantasy, so the story of Ramza and Delita was fantastic. Honestly, I wish Square Enix would just throw another team and resources at Matsuno. Shame.

Got a retro game that you still play regularly? Share it in the comments below!

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