You’ll be able to get your hands on WW2 shooter Days of War in two weeks

One of last year’s WW2 shooter Kickstarters bears fruit.

Ww2 headlines

  • Heroes and Generals announced, persistent WW2 FPS strategy game

    Reto-Moto has announced their new – and very interesting – World War 2 shooter/strategy game. It’s one of the most ambitious games we’ve recently seen and it’s all playable in a web browser.

  • Treyarch gets CoD5, back to WWII?

    We can’t clarify any of this with Activision, but this sourceless post claims Call of Duty 3 developer Treyarch will be developing the fifth game in the blockbusting shooter series, and that the setting will be back in good ol’ World War 2. We’d take this with a pretty large pinch of salt until Activision […]