Wildstar Open Beta

WildStar open beta goes live today, new story trailer released

Just a friendly reminder, letting you know WildStar’s open beta launches today. In case you forgot or something. Carbine Studios will throw the doors open to the MMO at 3pm UK and for the next 10 days you can level your toon all the way to 30 if you wish. WildStar launches June 3, and is available […]

7 years ago

Wildstar Open Beta headlines

  • WildStar open beta starts this week, runs through May 18

    WildStar’s open beta will start on Thursday, May 8 and last until May 18. The open beta period runs for 10 days, and has an increased level cap, level 30, with two new abilities and a new ability slot. Tier Points are also available at level 30.WildStar launches June 3, and is now available for pre-order.

    7 years ago