Used Game Market

Codemasters could release smaller retail games which expand with DLC in the future, says CEO

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has said in order to combat the used game market, it would not be “inconceivable” for the firm to publish a “game like” F1 2010 partially on disc downloadable content released as the race season progresses.

10 years ago

Used Game Market headlines

  • Analyst expects rush of retailers to join used game market

    Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian expects more retailers to start selling used games now Amazon has entered into the market, says a Gamsutra report.“According to our industry checks, one large consumer electronics retail chain is rekindling efforts to sell used video games, while another general merchandise ‘big box’ store is in trials to buy back games […]

    12 years ago
  • Nintendo: "We believe used games aren’t in the consumer’s best interest"

    Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t feel that used games are “in the best interest of the consumer”.During an interview with VentureBeat, NoA chief said that consumers are more interested in games they can “hold on to”.“More and more retailers are experimenting with the used game model. We don’t believe used games are in the best interest […]

    12 years ago