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EA details playable gamescom line-up: FIFA, Crysis, more

EA has unveiled its playable line-up for gamescom 2012, which, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, is the Cologne-based show open to the public that starts in just a matter of days.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Mmo headlines

  • SWTOR Guild Summit announced for March 4-6 in Austin, Texas

    Bioware has announced the first Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit, which will take place in Austin, TX March 4 – 6 at the DoubleTree Hotel Austin. During the event, guild leaders will be able to discuss “the state of the game” with the developers from BioWare Austin. Guild leaders or a designated officer […]

  • SWTOR named AbleGamers’ 2011 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

    AbleGamers has given Star Wars: The Old Republic its 2011 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year award due to its strong performance when put through a string of accessibility tests for the disabled.

  • SWTOR Update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls lands next week

    Bioware has announced game Update 1.1, Rise of the Rakghouls, will be released for Star Wars: The Old Republic next week.

  • EA explains NFS Shift DLC and other Origin exclusives

    Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games label, spoke in an interview today about its new digital download service, Origin, and what we can expect from them in the future.

  • BioWare promises "cinematic" gameplay for The Old Republic

    Paul Marino, lead cinematic designer on BioWare's Star wars: The Old Republic, has opened up on the subject of how players can expect to interact with NPC's throughout the game - cinematically.

  • 10 new advanced classes revealed for SWTOR

    BioWare has revealed the names and descriptions of ten new advanced classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • BioWare confirms advanced Jedi classes in SWTOR

    BioWare has confirmed Advanced Classes for the Jedi Knight as Guardian and Sentinel.

  • E3: BioWare releases gameplay clips for SWTOR

    BioWare has released a video showing some gameplay clips of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • FFXIII is "not an RPG", but an "adventure game", says SWTOR writer

    Daniel Erickson, BioWare’s lead writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, has offered his ideas on what consititutes an RPG. Turns out, it’s not Final Fantasy XIII.

  • BioWare dishes on the SWTOR planet Taris

    BioWare has updated the holonet on its website for Star Wars: The Old Republic with information and screenshots of Taris, which has seen some conflict between the Jedi and Sith.

  • BioWare releases more details on Imperial Agent for SWTOR

    Making good on its promise last week, BioWare has released extra details on the Imperial Agent class for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It looks like the character is about as close to a rogue as we’re gonna get in the game, which is rather cool to be honest. The pics are the same as […]

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta signups back on

    Looks like after breaking the site with so many people signing up for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta, the official site is back up and ready for you to beg and plead to be let in on all the fun. Describing the interest in the testing as “overwhelming” after “a humbling 24 hours,” […]

  • Rumor: BioWare accepting closed Beta applications for The Old Republic

    Over on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO site, the fleeting appearance of a closed Beta test link popped up, but since the site is down for maintenance, it is inaccessible. However, IncGamers grabbed a screenshot of the link before the site went down. As the site points out, Friday is the usual […]

  • LucasArts: Old Republic MMO could have multiple payment options

    LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez has told that subscriptions and microtransaction business models may be deployed when Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO launches. No specific business model has been unveiled, but when speaking to the site at GamesCom, Rodriguez said that the company wants the business model to appeal to all regions. “We talk […]

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic unveils the Sith Warrior class

    The Sith Warrior class has been unveiled over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. Apparently, this “unstoppable force of darkness” has been tasked with destroying anything and everyone who gets in the Empire’s way and “enforcing Sith domination across the galaxy”. Exciting isn’t it? Going around thrashing Jedis around and forcing your will […]

  • Watch twenty minutes of The Old Republic developer walkthroughs

    Star Wars: The Old Republic developer walkthroughs are posted over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun courtesy of IGN. The four-parter is twenty-minutes long and includes the early bounty-hunter, smuggler and Sith sequences, and much more for the MMO. We can’t bear to watch lest it ruin any surprises for us. But you are much braver than […]

  • Old Republic dev diary talks Smuggler class creation

    The senior writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO has posted a new developer diary detailing the creation of the Smuggler class in the game. Hal Hood says that BioWare really wanted a charming, humorous, and romantic rouge for the game to lighten up dramatic moments – basically a Han Solo. “The Old Republic […]