Amazon UK starts taking game trade-ins

Amazon UK has started to accept trade-ins on used games, following a successful roll-out of the scheme in the US.

Secondhand headlines

  • Tesco pre-owned plans go UK-wide

    Tesco’s told MCV its expanding its used games sales operation to include all its smaller Extra stores.

  • Zelnick: Criticising used game sales is "irrelevant"

    Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets 18th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference in New York yesterday, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said that moaning about the used games market is pointless: you beat secondhand sales with quality, apparently.

  • Gamestop - Used games supplied 48% GPM last year

    Used games supplied almost 50 percent gross profit margin (gross profit divided by total revenue) to Gamestop’s in the last fiscal year, according to this Gamasutra piece. The figure compares to 21 percent for new software, and a shocking 6 cents in the dollar for new hardware. Gross profit margins on used software have, however, […]

  • Gamestop stock battered as Amazon enters used game market

    Gamestop’s share price dropped 13 percent yesterday following Amazon’s announcement that it’s to enter the used game space, Joystiq reports. Amazon said it is to start offering vouchers in return for secondhand games, a ploy Gamestop slapped last night as unworkable. UBS analyst Ben Schachter concurred, saying the market was overreacting. “Online game sales currently […]

  • Gamestop surges on back of secondhand market

    Gamestop’s grip on the secondhand market has been responsible for its financial success in 2008, according to this Wall Street Journal report. The retailer showed a 22 percent increase in sales last year. Sales of used games are expected to reach $2 billion, or 23 percent, of GameStop’s revenue for its fiscal year ending Jan. […]

  • Nintendo: You can resell Wii Speak

    Eurogamer’s got a quote from Nintendo UK confirming you can sell on Wii Speak, despite the fact each comes with a unique code. “Nintendo can confirm that when consumers purchase the Wii Speak accessory, they are provided with a Wii Download Ticket with a unique number. The ticket, which can be redeemed via the Wii […]

  • Pre-owned market is "defrauding the industry"

    Frontier boss David Braben has stepped up his campaign against secondhand games sales, telling Eurogamer at Game City in Nottingham that retailers are essentially fiddling the trade. “The shops are not giving us a way of distinguishing between pre-owned and new,” he said. “So the shops are essentially defrauding the industry.” Braben added: “We’ve got […]

  • Pre-owned market "damaging" single-player games - Braben

    Secondhand games sales are hurting single-player games, Frontier’s David Braben has told GI. Goddamn those secondhand games. “I think it’s really damaging to the single-player experience,” he said. “Games like BioShock and Assassin’s Creed, where they’re perfectly valid games, but once you’ve played them they go into the pre-owned section.” “The sales don’t reflect the […]

  • 49 million American gamers buy secondhand

    According to this Gamasutra report, 49 million American gamers buy both used and new games. At this year’s MI6 game marketing conference in San Francisco, the MI6 organizers exclusively commissioned global consumer research and consultancy firm OTX to study the video game resale market in the United States. These details, provided by its creators alongside […]

  • MI6: The future of the secondhand market is online

    Eric Villain boss of “media and entertainment insights” for OTX, said that the future of the game resale market is online at marketing conference MI6 yesterday. From Gamercyte: The future of the game resale market, said Villain, is a greater presence in online selling and trading. Currently, only 35% of gamers are making sales or […]

  • Circuit City to start selling used games

    Major US retailer Circuit City is to start selling secondhand games, according to this. The store chain is to trial the service in 10 outlets, with plans to expand to other shops if the test is a success. Which it almost certainly will be. The move by Circuit City is a second step to get […]