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  • ESRB listing reveals new portable Star Wars Battlefront games

    Between all the action figures, iPhone apps, lighters, Pez dispensers, and other such memorabilia, getting your Star Wars fix on the go has never really been too difficult. But hey, it’s an ESRB listing for more Star Wars Battlefront. Complaining would mean having our nerd cards revoked forever. The listing details two new portable entries […]

  • New details surface for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

    Original Story: The recently revealed Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is to feature a co-op campaign – in which Indy fights along side a previously unplayable character – and is set in various locations throughout the globe, Eurogamer reports. The LucasArts title will ship for DS, PS2, PSP, and Wii, but has no set […]

  • Gladius 2 rumoured from LucasArts

    According to this, LucasArts may be working on a new Gladius game. The name “Gladius 2” was mentioned on the site of the guy responsible for a lot of Lucas’s Star Wars concept art. The original Gladius was a gladiator combat game for last gen consoles, if you can’t remember that far back.

  • Lego Indiana Jones at GDC

    Nice. LucasArts is going to give a live gameplay presentation of title, apparently, which has been under wraps for far too long. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture are also going to be shown at the viewing.

  • Lucasarts president bows out, praises "fantastic team"

    Jim Ward, LucasArts president, has confirmed his departure from the company after nearly 10 years, says this. “I am so proud of all people and the work we’ve done together at LucasArts over the last four years,” he wrote in a letter to Kotaku. “It’s been an incredible experience. Together we’ve rebooted the company and […]

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