Farcry 2

Long Far Cry 2 demo – movie

Someone shot this demo of Far Cry 2 at a London event, apparently, and it gives a pretty comprehensive look at the fictitious African game world and how you’ll be able to blow it up. According to the guy running the show, the playable area is 50km squared and missions are playable in pretty much […]

13 years ago

Farcry 2 headlines

  • New FarCry 2 shots released

    Here. We’ve never seen them before, anyway. There’s a preview there as well, which gives new details about the shooter, including a Fistful of Dollars-sounding plot of the player being stuck between two warring factions.Much more on this soon, probably.

    13 years ago
  • New FarCry 2 movies show "tree regeneration"

    Like, they could show mental African AK-action with RPGs and hyena face-offs. Tree regeneration? There are two new tech movies from the Ubi Montreal shooter here. They’re both over 500Mb, so we haven’t watched them yet. Watch out for the hi-res FarCry 2 “hair-growing” trailer next week.

    13 years ago