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Raven ninja flips his way into Tekken 8

A brand new character trailer for Raven has been revealed at Evo 2023. Exciting stuff!

Raven screenshot in Tekken 8
Image credit: Bandai Namco

A brand new character has been announced for Tekken 8! Raven is joining the cast, making them the 17th fighter to join the roster.

Raven is a classic and fan favourite in the Tekken series. With high-fling ninja attacks and tricky offensive moves, he's an absolute blast to play. In Tekken 8, it looks like he's been through some serious training, able to pull off some somewhat mystical moves this time around.

This announcement came in front of a sold-out arena in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, in the largest open-bracket video game tournament of all time. Tekken 7, the current version of the game, is having its last year in the sun at Evo 2023 as the world's best players travelled to Las Vegas to try and snatch the first place finish.

Earlier in the weekend, players were able to try the game out themselves on the showfloor of Evo 2023. In addition, closed network tests have been running in recent weeks in order to test the online stability of the game as well as character balance. The game appears to be going down a treat with attendees at the event, with lines wrapping around the Tekken 8 booth on both Friday and Saturday.

What are you thoughts on the news? Are you excited to get your hands on Raven? Let us know below!

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