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Dark Souls 3: Profaned Capital to Yhorm the Giant

Let's go find us a Lord of Cinders, shall we?


Dark Souls 3: Profaned Capital to Yhorm the Giant

It’s time to head for the boss. This is another major milestone battle, so be sure you’ve done everything you want to do regarding NPCs and side quests before you head through the gate at the end of this short crawl. One other caveat is that you may want to so a “practice” run on the boss, and just Homeward Bone your way right out of the arena once you’ve collected an item inside; it’s necessary for the battle but you might want to practice with it a bit first. With that in mind, you probably don’t want to use an Ember on your first go.

It's time to take the ladder that runs down outside the tower, accessible from the top floor. There’s a bridge ahead, and it is horrible: you’ll be constantly bombarded with fireballs, and a gargoyle warrior will attack. Forget this bullshit: equip and hold up your best fireproof shield, and scan the right side as you advance. As soon as you see a safe platform below, drop down. Scurry around to grab the Onislayer Greatbow, then continue dropping down.

There are four Jailer Handmaids here; don’t be fooled by their costume and name change. You know what they’re capable of. When you arrive on this level they’ll begin to patrol down the stairs and then back up. Hide behind the pillar on the right at the foot of the stairs until they retreat, then use it as cover to lure them one by one. You can use the pillar to confuse them pretty easily, especially as you can run all the way around it and they can't seem to. Usually only three of the Jailers will advance, in which case the fourth one will be behind the brazier at the top of the stairs; we’ll deal with her in a minute.

When it’s safe to explore down here you can collect a Rusted Coin; there’s another Rusted Coin right down the end of the broken bridge. Ignore any “try jumping” messages here and double back to the stairs.

Kill any Jailers still hanging around the brazier as you pass, then go through the door. There’s a crossroads here. You can see the boss gate just ahead if you want to make a run on it now - but there’s some more to see and do first, if you fancy it. It’s a nasty area with little to recommend it, to be honest; read ahead and see if you can be bothered with the loot, since you’ll very likely want to return to the bonfire before the boss if you do go for it. You can always grab this stuff after Yhorm, right?

Facing the fog door, take the left path. Advance very slowly and a gargoyle warrior will drop down. Lure it back to the brazier to beat it up. When it’s down, start working on the four Jailers further down the corridor. You know the drill by now.

There’s a set of stairs near these Jailers where you can climb up to access the other side of the bridge. Collect the Large Soul of a Weary Warrior, then deal with the gargoyle. He’s actually rather difficult to lure back to safe ground because he tends to get stuck on the arch of the bridge, but you can feather him with arrows while he’s stuck and if you do get him back to safer ground he can’t get through the door. With the gargoyle down you can collect the Onislayer Arrows from the bridge.

Return to the crossroads and ponder the other end. As you can see, there are seven Jailers – and what you can’t see is the gargoyle warrior that will join them if a fracas kicks off. It’s up on the wall to your right if you want to get it out of the way first. When all that horror is dead, you can fight the two Mimics sitting side-by-side; this is what the Jailers were staring at so intently, for some reason. The left one drops the Greatshield of Glory and the right one has two Rusted Coins (super not worth it). The other chest here is safe, and holds an Ember.

That’s it. If you want to hit the bonfire before you head through the boss gate, you don’t need to revisit these side paths on your way back; you can just drop down from the bridge and kill the four Jailers, then be on your merry way. You know what to do when you're ready to go.

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