Quakecon 2009 headlines

id boss Todd Hollenshead – the ultimate interview

Interview by Nathan Grayson. When we say “ultimate,” we don’t mean he’s going to die next week. No sir. Todd Hollenshead, id Software’s inimitable CEO, is very much alive. We know, because Nathan got to quiz him on DOOM 4, RAGE, next gen consoles and so much more at QuakeCon earlier this month. No stones […]

  • Quakecon - Rage keynote liveblog now live

    Quakecon hasn’t finished yet, suckers. Nathan’s still in the Texan house, and he’s now updating from the Gaylord Texan on a “special” presentation of the latest Rage build. Take a look at this to get yourself in the mood. Hit the link for all the updates.

  • Wolfenstein Quakecon trailer - watch it now

    Shack’s posted the Wolfenstein launch trailer posted at Quakecon last night. As Nathan kept saying in our liveblog, it’s green. It’s also pretty cool, so be sure to look. It’s out later this month for PC, 360 and PS3.

  • Premium service coming to QuakeLive, Carmack confirms

    John Carmack just confirmed that a premium, subs-based service is on the way to QuakeLive. The free-to-play shooter isn’t supportable on ad revenue alone, the developer said. The game’s not in danger, Carmack assured, and it’s not a failure. He said it would probably never become a completely non-free service. JC was speaking in the […]

  • No Doom 4 announcements at QuakeCon this year

    Todd Hollenshead has told QuakeCon attendees that no Doom 4 information will be doled out this year. However, if you still care next year, expect more news at QuakeCon 2010. “When we show it to you you’re gonna love it,” he said before turning the floor over to John Carmack. Carmack did happen to say […]

  • Doom 2 RPG currently in Beta

    John Carmack has told attendees at QuakeCon 09 that the Doom 2 RPG is almost finished. As a matter of fact, it is currently in Beta. Good to know, too bad that is all he said about it before going on to talk about the iPhone a bit more. Maybe soon a release date will […]

  • Knockout new Rage trailer opens Quakecon [Update]

    Quakecon just kicked off with a fantastic new Rage trailer in its press conference – watch it on Shacknews. John Carmack’s on stage at the event right now and we’re liveblogging as we type. Hit this for all the updates. Thanks, absolutezero. Update: Watch it after the break. Thanks, deanimate.

  • Carmack says id will put three AAA titles into development

    John Carmack has told QuakeCon attendees that id Software has hired on three teams. These teams, he said will work on three AAA titles for the company, and thanks to being incredibly well-funded by Zenimax and access to the tech over at Bethesda , it makes things easier on the development side of things. This […]

  • QuakeCon: Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade playable for first time

    QuakeCon is happening as we speak, and Todd Hollenshead just announced during the main press event that Quake Arena Arcade along with Doom II are playable for the first time ever at the event. Both are expected for Xbox Live Arcade, and are over at the Bethesda booth. Maybe we will get a date on […]

  • Quakecon - No "major announcements" in press conf, says Willits

    There will be no “major announcements” in tonight’s Quakecon keynote, id super-boss Tim Willits said at the Texan event today. The exec said that the press conference will instead focus on updates for already-announced games. And that means no DOOM 4 for you, Ringo. Willits dropped the tidbits in an overheard press room chat. The […]

  • Quakecon press conference liveblog - today at 9.30pm BST

    Quakecon kicks off in Texas today, and from the look of things this evening’s press conference should be a “doozy,” as our man on the ground, Nathan Grayson, is fond of saying. Nathan will be liveblogging the event, which is looking likely to feature Rage, Bethesda titles and possibly a DOOM4 debut from 9.30pm BST […]

  • IGN streaming live Quakecon video tomorrow

    IGN’s publishing a live video feed from Quakecon in Texas tomorrow, as you can see here. The main press conference takes place at 1.30pm PST. That’s 9.30pm BST. Nathan will be there, and we’ll be liveblogging it. We’ll have more detail on this tomorrow.

  • Rage to make QuakeCon debut

    id confirmed in press invitations last night that Rage is going to make its proper debut at QuakeCon this year, to take place from August 13-16 in Grapevine, Texas. The game’s site went live yesterday, promising a four-week “journey,” presumably running up to the reveal itself.

  • Quakecon moves venue to Grapevine

    Quakecon’s to be held at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas, id said today, not the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas as previously planned. If you’d already booked into the Anatole for the shoot-fest, your room’s been cancelled. You need to ring up the Gaylord and get re-reserving. Quakecon 2009 takes place from August 13-16. […]