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Ask Us Anything: Nintendo in NYC (June 25)

We're headed behind-closed-doors (spooky) and want your Nintendo-related questions!

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Nintendo is holding a post-E3 tour at their NYC headquarters next week and we're attending.

After reading tons of interviews and previews (including our own four-player take on Super Mario 3D World), you may still have some unanswered questions. They may even be related to actual gameplay, since many of us got a chance to play Nintendo's upcoming lineup at Best Buy during E3 week.

Consider this a second chance to get an answer to any questions you still have. We'll use this page to gather all of them and we'll try to get everything answered, either by a Nintendo representative or by USG while we go hands-on with the games on display.

Win New Super Luigi U

Its-a me! Luigi! What do you mean that's Mario's line? It doesn't even rhyme with his na-- alright.

Since this is the first time USgamer has done anything like this, let's mark this special occasion with a giveaway! Just send out a link to this page to your Twitter followers (pro tip: you can hit that Tweet button up there) to let your friends know about the giveaway and we'll randomly select someone to win a digital copy of New Super Luigi U. Be sure to follow @usgamernet and we'll DM the winner soon after 5pmPT/8pmET with the code. [Update: the contest is all over now, thanks everyone, we'll have more contests soon!]

Let us have your questions, and good luck!

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